The story…

It began with a walk down a country road… We (and by that I mean me, Sara) started talking about starting a family.  A few walks later we made the decision.  9 months later (on Vday 2006) our precious son was born.  We love him very much! From day 1 as they say!  He was a really good baby, slept through the night early on, ate great, was independent.  As he grew we grew, as a couple, and in our love of each other, our son, and Jesus Christ!

We had both been baptized at an early age, and even had been attending the same church for about 8 years.  We thought we were good.  But our love of the Lord grew, and we wanted more.  I had always wanted to find a larger church to attend when we had children.  We loved (and still love) the members of our home church, but our baby and one other family made up the children in the church.  In an attempt to give him the best possible start, we wanted him to attend church with other children he would be going to school with.  Accountability so to speak.  Well since I’m a big chicken, I started attending a church of a friend on the weekends that Micah was working.  That led to him attending and we would go from early service at one church to 11am service at the other church.  It was crazy, but we were so afraid of offending our first church family!  We finally gave in and told them we were attending the other church and why and they completely understood.  So that is how we came to be at Southside Christian Church, clear on the other side of town and a strong missions church (but we’ll come back to that).  We continued to grow and change and although we didn’t talk about it to each other, we both began to wonder, “am I truly saved?”  We learned so much and grew in our faith.

And enter in the walks down a country lane… is it time for another?  We talked about having one more (unless we got twins) and then adopting another.  We assumed at the time we would have another boy (no girls in Micah’s family), so we planned to adopt a girl internationally, most likely from China, but first, let’s plan it out, our plan, our way.  Micah had a trip scheduled in Dec 08, so we needed the baby to come after that.  God’s plan however, was that SHE would come opening weekend of modern gun season in Nov 08… Cancel hunting season, get out of the tree, mama’s water broke, and sorry about your trip babe!  Well we had trials in labor and delivery but after a week in the hospital, precious baby GIRL came home and big brother loved her and was gentle and caring and loving.  We were so happy to be on God’s plan, He knows all and does what’s best for us!

Since the unexpected arrival of a baby girl in our lives, adoption got put on the back burner.  We had our boy and our girl, so done right? The perfect little American family?!?!?!  But God kept putting his hand on that, and I kept googling adoption websites, etc.  At this same time, we began to be pulled into international mission work.  Our good friends said, “hey, how about you go on this trip to Costa Rica” and we say “sure why not!” and off we went.

I won’t lie… that first trip had some hard moments in it for me… visiting the children in the homes, hearing their stories, missing my kids (at that time 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 and having never been left by BOTH parents before!!!), so we both avoided the children, watched from a distance, were afraid to get involved… but the last day, we took part in a “carne asada” or Costa Rican cookout, yummy meats, etc and with both our team and the children’s homes.  I got to hold and play with such a precious little girl, and learned she had a brother and a sister.  And the idea began to take root.  Before we had always considering adopting 1 child, a young child, maybe even trying domestic so we could get an infant, but maybe we could adopt a sibling group, maybe we could adopt older children… maybe…

Several walks down country lanes and another trip later… we’ve rededicated our lives to God by baptism in the ocean and we are all in (and by we, I really mean both of us)… We’ve decided to start the process of adopting a sibling group from Costa Rica.  Costa Rica has been closed to adoptions with the United States for many years, but is recently back open.  As far as we can tell, no adoptions have taken place between the United States and Costa Rica.  Maybe someone is paving the way ahead of us, or maybe we will be paving the way for others.  Only God knows, and I find MUCHO comfort in the fact MY God is all knowing, and all powerful, and is working out the path ahead of us.  We are called.  We are listening.  We are willing to do the work He asks of us.  And trust that His will be done in our lives and in the lives of the Costa Rican sibling group that we know He has in mind for us.  Not our will but Yours Father!


4 thoughts on “The story…

  1. I think this is an awesome thing you and Micah are doing! You seem like such great christian parents and the trips you guys take to help others in other countries in need is just AWESOME!! I will be praying for you guys! (Love the blog)

  2. I know we don’t know each other that well, but I very much enjoyed reading this! I’m so excited for you both! If I’ve learned one anything about God it’s this, he is FAITHFUL. He knows all of our needs and desires! God will lead you and guide you in the direction you need to go! Doug and I will be praying for you and this great journey you and Micah are about to embark on! :0) God bless!

  3. This is a beautiful story. My husband and I are also adopting from Costa Rica. Just yesterday we received our official referral and we mailed the acceptance today. I know you can understand a piece of the incredible joy we are living each and every day. God has made a way… I’m excited to follow your blog. Mine only has a few posts, and nothing since November, but feel free to check it out if you want:

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