Basic outline… as we understand it…

This might be totally off, but this is our understanding of the process at this point.

We’ve submitted our application, now we have some contracts/documents/policies/etc that we need to read, initialed, signed, and returned along with agency payment number 1…

After that, we get an orintation interview where we will learn more, and this event kicks off the home study process…. The home study being, again, as I understand it at this point, and we’ll see how naive I am in the end, interviews, background checks, medical checks, phsyc checks, and who knows what other checks…  This is a big part of the “are these people capable to be parents” question that adoptive parents have to go through that biological parents don’t… maybe the US should require home studies upon positive pregnancy tests and if they don’t pass… well, let’s just not go there…  The things on my worry list for this is running something like this – the dogs (all 3) need appointments to get current on vacines and flea treatments, will we have to put up a different fence around the yard since currently there is electric horse fence around it, or is the fact that it’s off gonna be ok, are they gonna count how many piles of dog “stuff” is in the yard (that pooper scooper is looking more like a need than a want now), will living simply and in the country hurt or help us, will my parents have to be fingerprinted etc since they live on the farm but not under our roof, will they approve the changes we have planned to the floor plan or will it have to be “complete” before we can be approved???? and something new is added each day, and since I’m attempting to turn my worries over to God… I’m not making a list, so once I either give it over successfully or, let’s face it more likely, forget something, it’s gone… I just visited a friend’s house last week and yes I considered asking her if she would trade houses with me for the next 5 years…

so regardless, once the home study is completed and we are approved, we have some other things we have to do before sending our packet (called a dossier, sounds like “doss-ee-ay”) can be sent to Costa Rica.  more fingerprints and forms and evaluations.

Then our dossier is sent to CR where they translate it into Spanish and review it.

Once they approve us, I believe we begin the matching process.  This is where our “ideal” comes into play, or possibly a waiting child list… There are 2 ways to be matched with children in CR.  #1 – They (“they” being the government social workers there in combination with our agency’s representative) match us with a sibling group that matches the ideal they have profiled from the home study interviews and evaluations.  #2 – There is a thing called a “waiting child list.”  This sometimes means that a child(children) is/are deemed hard to place b/c of special needs.  Special needs sometimes means nothing more than a sibling group, and sometimes it means developmental delays to disorders/diseases.  Adopting from a waiting child list is typically a priority adoption, meaning the time to finalization is usually much shorter.  We have already been praying over the children that are currently on the waiting child list, that they may find peace and love with a forever family.

After we are initially matched with children, our profiles are sent to them and their profiles are sent to us and we begin learning about one another.

Travel to finalize the adoption typical occurs within 3 months of a successful matching process.

The travel is 6-8 weeks of in country stay.  The finalization court date is usually 4 weeks into the trip and at that time one spouse may return to the states while birth certificates, passports, etc are obtained.

Once returning to the states there are at least 4 post-adoption interviews to make sure all is going well.

Well, that’s all I can think of today for the process… As I learn more I will update you on the process in general and where we are as things develop.

But… please pray for us, those who have been through it know how tough the process is and how overwhleming.  Pray we don’t get bogged down in the paperwork of it and lose focus of our calling…. Why do I want to adopt? Let alone a sibling group?  When so many people think we are crazy?  I’m still not sure how to put into words, it’s more like just knowing your children are out there somewhere and waiting for you to come pick them up… I can’t ignore this calling anymore than I could not pick our son or daughter up from a sleepover or daycare… And for those like me that have set out to find their children and haven’t yet “be still in the prescence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act” (Psalm 37:7 NLT)


5 thoughts on “Basic outline… as we understand it…

  1. Hang strong cousins!…. I LOVE the way you described your reasoning for wanting to adopt, i think for people to hear that explanation will help them understand CLEARLY why you NEED to. You have my support 100%.

    I love you guys!

  2. I found your website on my cousin’s blog “Adopting in Costa Rica”.
    Good Luck to you both Sara and Micah and to your whole family with the process. You write in your posts what people can pray for you and what you write I can completely understand and align on- you are now in my prayers too! The process of adoption in CR (probably anywhere) is complex and at times overwhelming. It is hard to always remember your focus. Your children though are here in CR and they want and deserve a loving and capable family. We live in CR and have been through the process and are very happy with the overall experience but certainly some aspects really tested us.

    • Hi Heidi! I was so excited to find her blog! and to hear parts of your story and her’s! just starting the process there is nothing like reading and hearing about others who have been through it! We have some friends that are living in San Jose that are getting ready to start the process and another couple that will start the process when they get their perm. residency! Any hints stories etc that you want to pass on? You can also email me directly at Thanks so much for the prayers, I know the process will not be ‘easy’ and at the end we will have more children, so we love prayers!!! heeheehee!!!! Thanks again! We will be in CR in July and CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

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