We had out first home study interview the other day via Skype and boy were we glad we got to use Skype! We had just moved the computer in the “new” but temporary office and we get 2 more bars of solid 3G service in the new location (Verizon wireless USB modem since we are in the “sticks”)… and thanks to Skype and Verizon for the technology for working nearly flawlessly for almost and hour and a half straight!!!! It was so great to meet our social worker “face-to-face” not to mention so much easier to hear than on the cell phones! And a big thanks to her for letting us do it that way!!!

We felt like the interview went really great and I think we really picked the best agency fit for us! Just specific things that were said that showed that we could not have “randomly” picked the best agency for us – God is always in control!

This week I found 2 blogs of couples currently in the process of adopting from Costa Rica! I have been on a high and so excited all week! One couple was MATCHED WITH THEIR CHILDREN RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!! I nearly cried in joy for them almost 2 months after the fact! Seriously what a great Christmas gift for them!!!! The other is a couple with our same agency that is planning on moving to CR to become full-time missionaries during the course of their adoption! Please pray for both of these couples!

The next step for us is to wait to hear from our local social worker to schedule the 2nd interview, which it sounded like would also be the home tour. The things we are doing to prepare for this: just moved my office, tore out the coat closet in the mudroom, expanding the coat closet (drywall, painting, hanging shelves and closet rods,then moving back in), and then pretty much just organizing and cleaning… I know we don’t have to be white glove perfectly clean (at least I’ve been told that) but we want it tidy, and right now with all the remodeling we’ve been doing to make the house suitable for the expansion to our family…. well…. wow! And just thanking God for sending my Aunt to us b/c I know she’s going to be helping so much!!!!


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