Home study – interview 2

The first interview, the home visit, seemed to go great! So not as stressful as we all make it out to be!

Our second interview is coming up. We had to write autobiographies and send them to her and then we meet with her individually to discuss them I guess… Writing my autobiography and typing Micah’s really kept my mind off the end for awhile… but now… it’s all I can do this week to keep telling myself these truths that I already know… “all in God’s timing” and “it will work out” and “use this time to bond with the kids we have now” but, and here is the thing about adopting older kids… I. WANT. THEM. NOW. With a “healthy infant adoption” most times the baby isn’t even born yet when you start the process… but knowing we are going for older children… what are we missing? what are they doing? How do they feel? Do they need a hug? I miss them already… yes, I know we are just starting, and I understand paperwork and government rules more than most so I usually don’t try to fight it, but every day when I look at the waiting child lists… knife into heart and ripped out…

Here is something that helped me today – I had found a blog awhile back from a couple that is adopting from Costa Rica and they got matched with their kids right before Christmas! I’ve been checking for updates and finally saw one today!


They got their approval from immigration to travel for their kids! So happy for them!

Meanwhile, I keep checking the waiting child lists and praying hard for “our kids,” thanking God for being faithful, even when we aren’t and praying His will stays with this process!

Oh and another praise to report! Between our savings, a tax refund, and a very generous donation from a friend, the next couple of agency payments are spoken for! What a blessing!

In other areas, please pray for our unborn nephew, he has a marker for a certain chromosomal disorder. Next week they get another high rish ultrasound and hopefully the doctor doesn’t see any other markers and can greatly rule out the possibility.


One thought on “Home study – interview 2

  1. Sara and Micah — we’ve been following your blog too and keeping in our thoughts daily. Now that we know who are children are, we are thinking about them daily too and wanting so much to be with them. It’s been so hard accepting that we cannot go to them right now, but must follow the process. But there have good moments along the way. We’ve been able to write to them, send them more photos and some stuffed animals. We wait daily for news about when we can travel and have been told that it will be soon. Congratulations on how far you have come. It’s just around the corner. Stay positive! Best – S

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