Quick Home Study update

Well we’ve been through 19 hours of training, 1 book, 2 meetings with the social worker, and of course some paperwork… It’s been fine, not that stressful, just time-consuming. The training was frustrating from time to time as it mostly revolves around A and B (A being infant adoption and B being children from orphanages) and that’s fine, there are things to learn in all settings…. We have a couple of small paperwork things to do, our medical visit (scheduled for Tuesday), and the final interview meeting with the social worker (scheduled for the following Monday). At that point the home study is “done” and she writes it up and we move on into the next phase, which is compiling the “dossier”, and I’m not really sure what all that is at this point other than immigration fingerprinting which is really expensive and pysc evals…. which just scare me on principle! LOL! We are super happy to be almost to an end of the home study, although our social worker has been GREAT and we will miss her! We are also very happy to have heard of 2 sets of parents that have matched with their children in Costa Rica! One should be receiving word any day that they can travel for them and the other seems to be at the point of waiting for US immigration approval on their specific kids (if you don’t get that don’t worry, no one does, but apparently the first time you apply to immigration you are applying for your permission to adopt, then when you are matched with kids you apply for permission to adopt those specific kids and for their permission to immigrate to the United States… confused much?)


One cool note we fondly refer to as a “God thing” – While sitting in the social worker’s office discussing parenting styles and training, UPS delivery guy shows up.  Well we sent off our fingerprints for the FBI background check over 6 weeks earlier and had prepaid for UPS return envelopes so I immediately get excited! LOL BUT, she takes the package and says, “hmmmm, this is what background checks usually look like” she opens the package and says, “yup these are yours.” hahahahaha  So out of all the days during a 6-8 week process of getting an FBI background check, the results are delivered on one of the days we were sitting there! I love my GOD!!! 🙂     (oh and yes, they were clear of course!)


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