Here comes the DOSSIER

While the homestudy write up is being completed we skyped with our social worker regarding the next phase… the dreaded DOSSIER…. turns out… it’s not so bad!!! heeheehee

We apply to immigration, this is pricey but not difficult….
We gather a bunch of documents and have them notarized and certified, again not difficult, just time consuming but as the immigration approval will take 30 to a more likely 90 days, we have time…
We will be doing another physical, since we didn’t have lab tests done the first time… oh well
We have to do a pysc evaluation, by a licensed pyscologist… anybody know a good one?

and that’s really about it… all these things compile together with the written up homestudy to make up what is called the ‘DOSSIER’ (sounds like DOSS-EE-AYE)

We are really excited about this phase… the timing will depend all on the immigration approval and hopefully everything else is done when the result of that get back and it’s ready to be reviewed first by our social worker, then sent to our Costa Rican lawyer. The lawyer reviews it and translates it and submits it to PANI (Paronato Nacianal de la Infancia, which is the government agency in Costa Rica in charge of all adoptions). PANI reviews it and maybe some things need more clarification, and then they approve us. At that time we are ready to be matched to our children!!!

Keep praying friends!

and in great news our friends through the blogging world are IN COSTA RICA and MEETING THEIR KIDS TODAY! so very excited and happy for them! Please pray for their bonding and paperwork to go smoothly as well!


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