Immigration letters came

So the immigration application process is like this (what we know so far anyway) – you apply, they send you a letter at some point telling you when and where to go to get your fingerprints done, you go get your fingerprints taken…. then… no se!

We’ve received our appointment letters from immigration. We are to appear in Louisville on June 7th for our fingerprinting. Then back to waiting!

One funny note… so far everything is occuring on or very nearly on, someone’s birthday that is somehow part of the adoption process… This one is the day after Micah’s birthday! I’m hoping the immigration approval comes in close to my mom’s birthday (june 23) or mine (july 8)!!!!

time to get the pysc eval’s and medicals including lab work this time, scheduled….

oh, I recently purchased Rosetta Stone online… preparing to pay Verizon overage charges on our internet! but it’s working and I’m learning and getting in much more practice!!! so that is worth it!



2 thoughts on “Immigration letters came

  1. July 6 works too (my bday!)

    Sounds like all is going as planned! Continued prayers for the Waddell family!

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