Dossier con’t….

Last week was a busy one!  Full of meetings, paperwork, work projects, fingerprinting and doctor appointments!  Micah got his physical exam and blood work done and everything came back great!  I went in Thursday to have my done but for one of the required tests you have to come back in 2 days… well they were gonna be closed and I was gonna be out-of-town so I had to go back in on Monday to have it done… Tomorrow I got in so they can “read the test” and so far I can tell ya it looks just fine! LOL


Over the weekend we went down to Birmingham, Alabama for a new training called Crossings.  It was designed especially for the parents in process to adopt older children.  Our group was really diverse though.  There was a couple applying to adopt and infant from Congo, a couple matched with and waiting to travel for their 3 year old daughter in China, a couple applied for an older child 6-9 years old in China, a couple just starting the process to adopt an infant from Ethiopia, and a couple waiting to travel for their 3 or 4 year old daughter in Hungry; and then there was us applying to adopt a sibling group from Costa Rica.  Please pray for all of these families are they go through this process.  We got to learn some parenting techniques geared toward issues that will likely arise with adoption and got to hear alot of really useful information!  Then we got to hear from other parents that have adopted and their stories were very interesting and enlightening.  Thank you so much to everyone that helped make Crossings!!!!


Well, paperwork trail wise, we had our immigration fingerprints done on Thursday of last week and today I have my pysc eval and Wednesday Micah has his.  We have heard really good things about this psychologist so that is exciting… After these are done and I get my medical information back tomorrow, I believe we only lack one more document to complete the dossier.  Then everything has to be notarized and certified and what not, but thankful for our agency for that part!!!!  One thing to note – everything for Costa Rica has to be 6 months current, so while it’s all current now, I think we have to update and renew them as we go…. and I thought I was getting out of being pricked with needles….


Thank you so much to everyone that supports us in the process we appreciate you all so much!!! our prayer warriors and our friends that we know we can turn to in times of stress and joy!!! LOS QUEREMOS MUCHO!!!! Y MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!


ps – 38 days to being in CR for a 2 week trip!  We are very excited!



2 thoughts on “Dossier con’t….

  1. Yay! Can’t wait to hear more. We have our first home visit the end of this month, might start going crazy now 🙂 But no remodeling for us… Congrats on moving forward!!

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