Have you found yourself….

getting excited when an email shows up in your inbox because it just might be from your social worker with exciting news, only to be disappointed when all that email is telling you is that your credit card statement is due….

checking your junk email box more than once a day….

looking at waiting child lists for updates daily…

taking your power cord with you everywhere for your phone so you can keep your email set to push (in case that email from your social worker comes through)…

spend hours googling things like “costa rica adoption”, “costa rica adoption blog”, “older child adoption”, “costa rica hotels/condos/apartments/houses for rent” just to name a few…

missing kids you never met…


6 thoughts on “Have you found yourself….

  1. I totally understand. Keep on waiting…soon you’ll hardly remember the long days. They disappear the moment you first hold them.

  2. I’ve been googling “older child adoption” too much lately! Starting to interfere with work ;). That and a books to read list about a mile long… Hope everything’s going well!

    • one of the agencies with a CR waiting child list has been getting lots of new files… hahahaha… so of course I have to look everytime!!! oh and yes books to read and trainings to take!!! not to mention the espanol studying… πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Sara and Micah. I am so proud of you and your family. You have been so patient and amazingly flexible. You are greatly admired πŸ™‚

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