Yesterday updated our timeline :)

Yesterday we got one of the “big news”


In adoption there are several of these along the way and they get bigger and bigger and bigger…. and as a friend said yesterday this is one of “the calls” we all wait for… we really only get one more!


Yesterday we received official approval from Costa Rica to adopt tres ninos de costa rica!!!

Gloria a Dios
Thanks be to God
Praise the Lord
Gracias a Senor


We cannot stop thanking God for this walk. This road is not easy, it looks CRAZY, it’s expensive, it looks like we have no control, it looks hard. It is, and it isn’t. We have grown and learned so much on this journey so far. We’ve been taught patience, obedience, God’s math, humility, preserverance, and more. We’ve been through temptation.


and now?


Now we feel stronger, more capible, with more understanding, with more compassion, with more knowledge than ever before. And yes we will be attacked again. We are also human and will have our moments.


We are being patient. We have faith. God thank you for your amazing blessings and please continue to walk before us. You make the way clear and calm and we shall follow you closely before the path has a chance to grow up behind you! Amen



OK – Now for the nitty gritty information you guys want….. what comes next?


Well, Now we are in what is considered “matching” phase. This is where a panel of people will sit down with our file and all the children’s files that match our profile and decide which kids are ours. Okay in writing that sounds a little scary… someone is gonna decide my kids for me? Yes but guess who has power over that??? We trust in Him that can lead them, whether they believe or not He can influence them. We will be given the children He has for us. After the journey we’ve been on… we trust in that… We raise our voices in prayer Lord that you guide the minds and hearts of the people who will formally make this decision. From clerks to social workers to judges Lord we love you and know that you know our hearts and have placed this desire on our hearts to be the parents of these children. Prepare the children for our family and led the way Lord we love you. All glory be to you, In Jesus name. Amen


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