Matching process

After you receive approval to adopt in Costa Rica, the office of adoptions reviews all the children’s files that match your profile and choose which children they feel would be best suited for your family. This can take any amount of time, from months to a year or more, from the time a family is approved, as they are very serious about placing the children in the right family. And when God is working miracles, it could only take a week!


The condition for a miracle is difficulty. The condition for a great miracle is impossibility.

We have prayed throughout this process that we would be able to accept the first referral we received and it was clear immediately that we would be able to do so! God is so faithful and so good!

The next step: we apply to US immigration for permission for these specific children. After we receive approval from them, it goes on to the embassy in Costa Rica. Then we request the next available court date and wait for permission to travel. And at some point (unsure when at this point) the children will be notified and we will be able to send them letters and gifts and even Skype with them!

What’s needed: We need financial support to help us continue in the process. No amount is too small and God will use it in a mighty way. (click either of the links to the side to donate to our adoption expenses)
Additionally, please join us in prayer that our application is approved in immigration with no delay and also passes through the embassy quickly. And that when we get to start talking with them that the Spanish comes naturally and bonding is natural and lasting.

Dios es bueno. Siempre.


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