Day 3

I think it’s day 3?!?!?! Lets see. It’s Friday. Our travel day was Tuesday and Wednesday was day one and Thursday was day two so yes it is day 3!!!!! Well today we went first thing in the morning to PANI to sign some papers. This paper we must carry with us at all times because it is the legal document that says we have temporary custody of the kids!!! And yes I teared up in the lawyers office when the translator read it to us!! Hahaha of course!!! Ben and Anna had to go with us and or lawyer could not because she had cancelled all her appointments yesterday to help us find a new house and needed to do other work today. That was fine because we had the best translator ever in the guy she recommends, jonathon! As soon as we get his pamphlet on his business we will share it! He was amazing day 1 translating many people at one time during our meeting at the kids’ home and with their social worker. So we signed the papers and on the ride back the home Anna said she loved our driver, Walter, and that he is her boyfriend! Haha sorry Leyton, move over, you have competition!!!!! We got to the home and had some coffee then let the kids play for a few minutes while we talked and did paperwork with them, then we decided we should leave and not drag it out any longer than we needed to, we got some family pics that I’ll post later and took some pictures of our oldest daughter with some friends of hers! It was honestly so hard not to sob and I will finally let them fall writing this. Their Tios were so strong for them when I know that is so hard to let them go so I knew I had to as well but man that was so hard to take them!


Well then we went back to the house stopping at our close grocery store on the way and picking up some random supplies. Then we cooked lunch of spaghetti and then had rest time. Two fell asleep and the rest just rested. Then we got them dressed in their new bathing suits and determined which sizes and what not. It had started to rain so we were trying to take it slow on getting ready but finally we were! I changed and I wore my favorite of my new swim suits and the girls reaction was awesome!!! Heehee they thought I was really pretty so that made me feel good because who doesn’t like to feel pretty?!?!?!

We went to the pools and it was SOOOOOOOOO COOLD!!!!! It was still overcast and not warm out so that didn’t help but wow!!! Cold!!! We chattered our way through it and laughed alot!!! Ben and Anna were fish and couldn’t have cared less about the cold! Ericka (our oldest) surprised me again when she actually got in! And then didn’t want to get out! She was working on her swimming and even challenged Ben and Papí (micah) to a swim race and showed off a pretty successful back stroke! Luciano and Angelly were more cold and Angelly especially. I’m not sure if she really liked it but she “cowgirled up” and got in and we worked in teaching her to swim to getting her moving!!!!

After we were all purple (well only us gringos…. Apparently ticos don’t turn purple even if they are half way to frozen), we got back and changed into Jammies and Ericka begged to make supper…. So of course I let her!!!! Bahahahahaha she made what she called “comida loca” which means crazy food! We had eggs, chicken, rice, beans, and advocado. She put ketchup in the eggs and beans and OH MY GOODNESS that was good!!!! Who knew?!?!?! And then we sent Papí to the store for a few more items including salt. I was allowed to make the rice!!! Thankfully (since we don’t have a rice cooker), I recently lost my measuring cup for my rice cooker and knew the ratio or I would have blown my one task!!!! Hahaha. She made soooo much food so I asked how many people were living in her house ad she said 12! However…. We are almost all of it!!! Bahahahahaha we only had rice, small amount of beans and eggs leftover. Tomorrow she wants I make sandwiches…. Lol. I basically just watched and cleaned up after her while she cooked then warmed it all up when the rice was done!

Oh. So Papí was sent to the store, which is about a 3 block walk… When he led tot was light. When he came out of the store it was dark…. Ummmmmm oooops. HAHAHAHAHA I was starting to consider what I would do if he didn’t come back when he showed up!!!!

While they waited the kids watched a movie or played on the phones…. Apparently temple run is the favorite game of the trip so far! Every time I look that is what they are playing… Although Angelly likes this cool good night one where you put all the animals to bed 🙂

Well then it was time to get ready or bed and that took awhile 😦 it was slumber party land with Anna of course being the ring leader…. Finally I sat in her bed and she settled… Ericka was still awake and moving around alot, she was one of the ones that slept this afternoon so she said she wasn’t very tired. I laid in the bed with her and we talked and looked at pics. Then I laid with Angelly for awhile and she talked so much and so fast in a whisper that I didn’t really catch it. I think she was mostly telling me stories about the home where they lived. It was a really sweet time even if I didn’t understand. Finally Anna was asleep so I told them to go to sleep and came out to find that the boys were asleep and Micah working on his script for vbs!!! So here I am, mamí of 5 sweetly sleeping kids…. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, as a good friend says, as well as the kids’ social worker “we are in the honeymoon, and maybe soon they will start testing us”

Buenas noches amigos!!!


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