Day 4

Definately losing track of what day it is…

Let’s see… what did we do today??? Well we got up at 5:44 for one!!!! LOL ok so we need to teach the ticos about sleeping in… hahahahaha

So we got up early… then we had all the kids take showers, slowly no rushing, the others played… Ben, Anna, Angelly and Luciano had cereal, and then Ericka made the rest of us eggs… and sandwichs of cheese and ham, which were so huge that none of us could eat!!! hahaha

After everyone was fed and showered and dressed for the day, we went for a walk. Well our hotel is on one of the busiest streets and had a “roundabout” or routunda right up from us… which means we had to cross TWO spokes of a roundabout to get to the park we were aiming for… oh wow… it was hard and alot of waiting and stress and holding hands and running when it was time but we got to the park. Then it turned out that park was just a small square with no play equiment surrounded on all sides with busy streets and no fence… so that was as well a little stressful. We had a snack and then headed back. We were gonna stop at the mall and try to find Ben a pair of tennis shoes since his are still in Kentucky, but the mall was not opening for another 15 minutes and we were hot and ready for the pool!

so we changed and went to the pool. It was sunny but somehow seemed even colder than yesterday!!! but Ben and Anna and Ericka had a blast while Angelly and I froze and Luciano tried to learn to swim more. I’m not sure he likes it but he wants to learn how to do it and he is learning very fast! We put sunscreen on Ben and Anna but they are still pink this evening so tomorrow we will have to put even more on if we get to the pool 😦 yikes are we closer to the sun or something???

after the ppool we had lunch (leftovers) and nap time. Today the boys slept while the girls played very quietly together, I have the cutest picture I will add when we can post of the 3 girls laying in one twin size bed together 😉

While the kids rested, Micah and I took turns exercising. I went first and I went for a run, I starte out pretty strong but quickly slowed! haha my first run in awhile! I ran straight down our main street until it started looking a little less desirable area to be in and then turned around and came back.  Saw some interesting things on my run: #1 the pizza hut is close and has a small playset and green space, good idea for lunch one day, #2 the University has a place to exercise we should check out, #3 several chinese #5 a couple of other america places to eat.  When I turned around I was glad I had, the wind was blowing toward me and I was now going uphill too 😦 wow, didn’t think I was gonna make it… but I did… Then Micah went and I showered, and he did about the same route I did except on his way back he went up and down a few side streets…

after that it was time to get ready because our friend Bruce was coming on the bus to get us and take us to his house for a cookout and to show us how to use the bus to get to them.  That was another long walk for the kids (and us) but we made and if I never ride another bus in Costa Rica, at least I can say I did it! with 5 kids! hahaha  We got to their house and then packed back up and walked FOREVER (or at least about 8 or so blocks) to their friend’s house where we got to have hamburgers and hotdogs and the kids played.  We were ALL very tired and thankful that Bruce was able and willing to borrow a car to bring us home!!! we got home and Ben, Anna, and Angelly fell asleep on the way home and all were asleep within 5 minutes of getting back inside the house!

Key things learned or discovered today:

The kids are all doing great but are starting to vie for attention, I will now here “mom-eeee” in my head for the rest of my life

Angelly gets nervous in a crowd

Ben and Ericka and Anna all handle tiredness by getting rowdy

Luciano talks more when he’s tired (either that or he is starting to open up more)

we will all get fat if we let Ericka cook too often


and now, I must sleep…. so tired and if we have to get up before 6:00 again tomorrow, I need all the sleep I can manage!!!  On the schedule for tomorrow is: rest and relax at home in the morning and go see some friends in the afternoon.  Monday we go back to crazy while we try to get the kids’ passport photos taken and get their medical appointments knocked out… please pray we don’t have any drama (aka need shots) hahahaha


buenas noches y ps – I’m not sure I will keep up the daily long blog from now on… they may start to get shorter, although forcing myself to type it up for the blog is a good way to make sure we will have the memories.  and also, I’m not proofreading or spellchecking… so have fun with my typos! haha buenas noches for real now 😉 Dios te bendiga


3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. So many adventures! I remember our first morning together Ruth and Emmanuel woke us up at 6–and had already showered! It’s like reliving last August reading your blog…and touches me all over again to remember how beautiful (and crazy it!) is when God brings a family together.

    • rofl. Literally laughed out loud!!! That is so funny!!!! Had already showered!!! I’m like “um it’s 9:30 and we’ve all eaten, showered, cleaned the house, and payed a game….. Now what?!?!??” Hahaha

  2. Yes my dear you are closer to the sun. When I was is St. Thomas I really had to watch the sun I’m way to white to bee down there with out a lot of sun screen sounds like God is still in control Love ya all God Bless Mike and Vicki

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