Day 5

Well it’s Sunday and we felt like we should stay home rather than try to get to church this morning after our late night…. So we got up a tiny bit later, fed the kids (and entire box of honey but Cheerios and 3/4 gallon of milk and eggs for the one that didn’t want cereal), showered, braided my hair and Ericka’s and Angelly’s the same. Them cleaned the house. Read some from the bible. Played UNO. By then it was the late late hour of…. Wait for it…. 9:30!!!! Um….. Now what?!?!?! Well yeah we let them watch tv! Bahahahahaha it’s kind of cloudy and too chilly for the pool, but maybe it will clear up in a bit….

We made it to 11:00 and decided to walk down to Pizza Hut as we discovered yesterday on our runs that they have a small play area. We walked and it was a little longer than is comfortable for the kids but they all made it. We got there and ordered and by then Anna was asleep in her chair laying on daddy! That child has done more random falling asleep in Costa Rica than in her life to date!!! We ate and it was pricey but ended up being about $10/person and we brought home almost a whole pizza and 4 big pieces of cake and we all got pops to drink…. The walk back didn’t seem as long.

After Pizza Hut we put the kids in reposo (rest time) and Anna and the boys slept. I went for another run and found another small park. Have yet to get to the one we have been looking for but from the map in Nike plus running ap, I got very close today!

Than it was time to quick get everyone ready to go to a surprise birthday party for our friend! One the way we picked up the Crawfords in our van and headed out. Unfortunately the van broke down again halfway up a big hill and we had to slowly back back down and get turned around. Our driver’s friend came with his van and drove us the rest of the way!!! Whoa he drives really fast! Give us Walter and his van working please!!!! But he was nice and thankful he coil come for us and got us there before the birthday man! So we still got to say surprise! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a little touch and go with the kids bc the way to our friends house took us right past the children’s home they lived in for the past almost 4 years and they recognized it….. They wanted to go there but were soon distracted by things like a kitten to play with and cake and candies to eat! So it was a good stretching activity for them I think, still for the next few days I think we will keep a little to ourselves and do some serious bonding since we went out with friends for 2 days in a row.

A funny note – at the party our friend had rolled oranges in foil and stuck candies in toothpicks and stuck them in the oranges. It was a very fun and easy colorful way to decorate for a party and we loved it! After the candies were gone, Ericka dug in and started eating an orange and apparently (this story later told to me by Micah) he told our friend Bruce that she was country. And someone mentioned that me and her sorta look alike and someone said “have you seen them walk!?!?!” Hahaha so apparently we look a little alike and walk alike! Hahaha CUTE!!!

Overall was a good day!

Luciano is opening up and talking more and Angelly didn’t get as nervous when we were out walking. Ericka is helpful in a natural way and starting to act a little more like her preteen self ๐Ÿ™‚ all is good with Ben and Anna they seem to be really liking having more siblings but wish the language issue wasn’t there! Ben and Ericka wrestle/play together a lot and if I’m busy Anna finds Ericka for a snuggle! Ben and Luciano are playing great but also starting to act like brothers ๐Ÿ˜‰ heehee

Buenas noches


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