Day 6

Monday? Tuesday? No se!!! I honestly am not sure but I think it’s Monday! Yes that’s right…. Whew…

Ok today we woke up EARLY again plus Anna woke up in the night 😦

Cereal for everyone but Ericka and yes we eat a whole smallish bag/box each day!!! Plus Ericka’s 2 eggs and toast….

Started to make arrangements for the doctor appointments but realized they didn’t open until later. Scrambled to meet up with a friend that was going to come get me and take me to a couple of larger stores and help me shop. What a blessing!!!! I took only Angelly with me and she is so easy to be with that it was a very restful shopping trip. We bought out half Walmart and PriceMart (SAMs club) and then headed back to the apartment where super dad Micah had the other 4 laid down for rest time already! I got some of them to help and got the groceries in and Angelly fed and everyone back down. I splurged and had guacamole and Doritos for lunch! Hahaha

Finally got the doc appointments made and in another blessing used another friend to make arrangements with transportation. We were told that Ericka would need x-rays and bloodwork before the doctor appointment on Tuesday at 11…

We had a little time so we ran down to the pool which seemed a little warmer but was covered in shade at this time of day. We decided if they are gonna get up so early we are going to do lunch earlier and then do pool then nap/rest time. Or maybe pool from 1030-1130 the lunch then the nap… Who knows. PURA VIDA!!!! 😉 which basically means “whatever will be will be/no worries/etc” all riled into one!

So then off we went to get their photos made for the doctor and passports… We got them done, Ericka was mad because she had to clip her bangs back but all their photos look great honestly and Luciano and Angelly thought it was hilarious to see 8 little photos of themselves! Haha

Next we went to the clinic and found out that we did not need x-rays because that’s only if they are over 15. Then we went to the clinic to find out they only get bloodwork if they are over 14. So I called the doctor office and talked to another person who asked and said we did not need those things… So Ericka was happy and off home we went!

Confirmed pick up time for tomorrow with our driver and cooked supper.

Supper tonight was a store bought cooked while chicken, rice, beans, cabbage salad, and bread.

Anna was naughty at supper and got two choices and chose bed….. So she is asleep and the rest are finishing the movie “Despicable me” in English. Tomorrow we will let them watch one in Spanish now that the DVD player gt hooked up.

Anna has a ton of bug bites. Gonna have to find some more Benadryl for her.

Gave Angelly a whole apple to eat today. “Um… Mom-eee… I have no front top teeth could you cut this?!?!?!” Ahahahaha. Oh yeah!

Micah made bouncy balls from a craft kit we brought this morning and the kids love them.



5 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. So sounds like thing are doing great, Tell the super Dad to get on here and give us his take on this, He has his own way of telling stories LOL. Thanks for the up date God Bless and stay safe

  2. Greetings friends, for me is a blessing to have met you and know you have a heart as big as hosting three angels that were wandering the earth … I ask God blessings to you all. Sorry if I write wrong, and evil speaking. jijijiji

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