Day 10

way way way way too early of a start today!!!!! 5:40am with kids playing little bird flutes and fighting…. Anna and Ben had a joint timeout at about 6:06…. They have been fighting with each other sooooo bad (no different than they have been for the past month or so…. wow I hope this is a stage they grow out of soon!)  After I  jumped out of bed putting kids in “consequencia” Ericka jumped up and made everyone breakfast and put a movie in for the kids!  She even brought us breakfast in bed!!! which was a JELLY sandwhich AND a PEANUT BUTTER sandwich, with doritos 🙂 and a huge glass of milk… shhhh don’t tell but we switch our sandwiches so we had 2 pb&j each 😉

then showers and Ericka straightened Angelly’s hair with a flat iron…. remind me to put that thing away (actually I already did it) and then I did hers.  we tried to skype with my sister but the internet here is our one complaint and it wouldn’t work well enough on either end to make a good connection… maybe we will try when we are out at Pizza Hut or somewhere with a good connection next time…

Micah went out for a run and to explore what is in the Termall that is across from us and Ericka and I did about 30 minutes of Kenpo x (a video in a program called P90x, it’s kickboxing one and it was fun and we were so sweaty and only did 30 minutes! haha) so then we changed and jumped in the pool with all the kids!  surprisenly, about 10:30am is the best pool time… whoo knew… but it is.. it’s sunny and less windy and it was actually pretty pleasant!!!

upstairs for lunch and today we had the kids all wash their own dishes.  we are trying to set some good habits here that will continue when we get home about picking up after ourselves and keeping our stuff put away and helping in the kitchen.  All the kids have done a little whining (well not Angelly) but they’ve all done pretty good with chores and now Ben and Anna are actually begging to be helpers!

The little kids had a nice nap (all slept) today while Micah and Ericka went to the grocery store.  It was her idea to take their backpacks and they came back with 2 backpacks full of food and a box.  She said that the guy asked if they wanted bags or boxes and she said no we have backpacks and they just looked at them like they were crazy but they didn’t care and it worked great!!! great idea Ericka!!! apparently while they were out Ericka and Daddy also had a good talk, with the help of a translator, about her needing to be patient with us becuase we are not used to being parents of 5 kids and we are all working hard to adjust together.  Daddy things she understood… more or less… heeheehee

After nap we got picked up and went to a close park to play and be outside and feed the ducks.  First Ericka said basically “boo that was boring” and then she didn’t want to leave so I of course picked on her.  It’s hard for us to be around people that speak more spanish, because the kids talk to them and we don’t know what they are talking about but it’s also good becuase it’s hard for them to not get to speak normal for so long too.  Today in fact I really noticed that Angelly is not talking as much.  She is using her “charades” and acting it out, even if she is using words that I know.  She is also using more and more english, just changing some small things like saying “thank you” instead of “gracias” and “please” instead of “por favor”… just small things.  yesterday she had pulled out her map of the united states and I showed her where we live on it and today she pointed out Kentucky to me several times.

Luciano is being very “brotherly” with Benny today, really they are just being boys and picking on each other… hahahaha… they seem to be doing pretty good.

Tonight I asked Anna what she thought of Costa Rica she said “not very good becuase of all these bug bites because they have alot of bugs” (she does have a TON of bug bites and we’ve basically kept her on benydryl to keep the itching and swelling down and alright to help her sleep a little bit too heeheheee) and then I asked her what was her favorite part about costa rica and she pointed to the other 2 beds in the room and I said “your sisters?” and she said yes… basically she really likes having big sisters 🙂  she’s demanding enough that she is still getting mommy time, even if it is interupted or she has to share but she is doing great.

We had our first big sulk out of our pre-teen today… which a week in, is really not that bad… and actually I did feel bad 😦 we have been saying that we would take them to a movie and she really really really wants to do this and everyday it just hasn’t worked out and when I told her today that we were going to a park instead of a movie she sulked… and I remembered what they told us, that sometimes she just needs to be left alone so we did and she was fine later.  and this afternoon (well after the sulking was over) I told her we would go sunday and she said YAY POR FIN (YAY FINALLY)… it may just be me, her, and Angelly but we will see who all wants to go… it will be in spanish and Luciano doesn’t want to go so it’s just Ben and Anna to talk to about watching a movie in spanish… Here at the apartment we have taken turns with English and Spanish when we watch a movie… it’s working ok, but those who are watching in the other language get bored although they watch it anyway… This morning was Snow White in spanish…

Tomorrow we are finally having some friends over that we’ve been trying to get up with since we got here… either they’ve been busy or we’ve been busy but tomorrow hopefully it will finally work out and it will also double as a little bit of an English lesson for the ticos… I worked with them a little yesterday, but we need to do more and start teaching them English… I’m being a little selfish about it really becuase I don’t want to teach them English because I can only teach them the things I know in Spanish and then it won’t matter that I know some Spanish… hahaha… I know, kinda silly that I feel that way but it’s nice to be able to talk a little with them, and I like that little connection… but they do need to learn English and very quickly so we will start.

The other big thing about tomorrow’s agenda is to make a rules list in English and Spanish. and it starts like this:

#1 – quiet time before 7:00am

#2 – no going in mommy/daddy’s room without asking

#3 – do not touch the phones/kindles/computer without asking

#4 – no physical fighting

#5 – we go to the pool quietly and walking and wait for mom/dad before getting in

and I’m sure we will be adding to it but those are the biggies so far


randoms for today:

Angelly can straight up BEAST the monkey bars! child did them fast and 2 back to back! wow!

Luciano swam the length of the pool, longways

Ericka alternates between liking her “boyfriend” and being grossed out if mom/dad kiss… hahahaha

Ben continues to be super good swimmer and is doing back flips and front flips off  the edge

Anna washed a ton of dishes today and thought it was fun

Anna learned why we have rule #5, especially the walking part (she fell on the stairs)

today started bad but is proof that with God on your side, you can start your day badly and end happy 🙂


Loving my big crazy family and BUENAS NOCHES


3 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. So sweet…. is Anna getting her bug bites mostly at night or during the day? If at night, then maybe try putting a fan on her while she sleeps, the air blowing makes it harder for the mosquitos to fly and get her 🙂

  2. Glad to see all is going good. God has blessed you greatly. All the little daily trials are normal parent/child daily trials. Which just proves that you ARE now the perfect family. Love to all. Donna

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