Our banana tree (by micah)

A banana tree is not a tree, it’s actually a plant, because of it’s size though it is mistakenly called a tree.

While at the Abraham Project the other day, I started to reflect on our first mission trip to Costa Rica. I caught myself peering through a fence to a river of gray water below. A dog would die drinking the water, I’m sure of it. The fence sits on top of a retaining wall our mission team built almost 4 years ago. This wall is a sturdy foundation for the fence that protects the children from several things such as a long fall down a hill, the soccer balls from a dive into the abyss,  it prohibits strangers from climbing the hill and entering the property and the retaining wall itself prevents erosion of the property due to the large amount of water run off during the rainy season. While we were building the wall, Han’s, a friend from the states, and I cut down a small banana tree to get it out of our way. We cut the tree next to the wall and left it at that. The next day we were shocked to see the tree had started to grow back! Not just a little but like an inch. We were in awe over this. Over the next few days we came back to this plant to checkout its growth. There was a lesson there, we were sure of it.  A time of new beginning, dieing , cutting away the old so the new could grow. I could not see the tree now. Because of it’s fast growth rate it probably would be impossible for me to pick out through the cane and brush.

On the day we were picking up our kids to take home, I was happy yet really sad. I know what’s it is like for a family to seperate. It’s hard, especially when there is a strong bond. I was sad for the kids’ tios ( thats what the house parents are called ). I could tell it was hurting them. It would be easier if we didn’t know them, but their tios have also become our friends, so causing them pain, even though it’s a good thing, is hard.

So this is our banana tree. On that day we cut down a tree that has grown on a firm foundation with God and with the help of their tios.  An interesting note about banana trees, it is 75% water and 25% dry matter and when it is cut down, all of the water in it pours out and floods the ground with nutrients to helpt start the next growth.  All of the above ground parts of the banana tree grow from a center structure called a corm. The stalk grows from the center out. WE are to grow from the center out and our family corm is our Father in heaven. So this tree has beared it’s fruit. It was time to cut it down and start a new. It’s easy to see the void that’s left after the tree is gone. But soon the tree will grow back and bear fruit once more. More kids will come live with “our” tios and with a firm foundation in God, insert vision of fence and retaining wall, they will grow and bear fruit as well.

Soon we will return home to Kentucky. We will bring our part of the banana tree home. It will be planted in new soil but with the same  foundation. I can’t wait to watch it grow. Hopefully not at an inch a day though 🙂


3 thoughts on “Our banana tree (by micah)

  1. This is really special. Thanks for writing, Micah. Been praying for you guys a lot and really enjoying the updates. I, too, hope my banana trees don’t grow an inch a day! 🙂

    • hahahah I dont think we get a choice on our banana trees…… probably we are just out of luck on that……… course maybe like a banana tree the cold weather will stunt their growth

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