Day 11

Today started out way better than the others!!!! Why??? Because they let us sleep until 7:00am!!!!!! Wooohoooo

I got up and made cereal and eggs…. We went through about 14 eggs and 4-5 bowls of cereal and who knows how much milk!

Then we (Ericka and I) did the kickboxing video again! This time we made it though the whole thing! Although it was close! Haha then we got ready and ran down to the pool. It’s so funny that 930-1100 is the best pool time here but it is. I got to lay in the sun for awhile while the kids played together then I jumped in and it was mommy mommy mommy time!!!! Heehee. It’s tiring but honestly I love it!!!

Lunch today was some sort of sausage and more eggs and of course rice. And a fresh pineapple! Even purchased from a supermarket, the pineapple here is so good. Maybe it’s just the environment but who knows.

Today for rest time, Ben slept after while and Ericka fell asleep. Then at some point Anna went in and jumped on her 😦 I think the combination of being jumped on and while asleep triggered a crying fit of all the emotions. She cried so hard and honestly I did too. I just rubbed her back and cried too. Nothing else to do. Then she laid there awhile longer and when she got up she was fine.

Some friends came over to hang out and what a blessing to have some time with them and they cooked us supper. It was American and yummy and it was fun to have then over! We are making some plans to do some other things with them while we are here too. Oh an they helped us with Luciano. He has gotten brave enough to jump in the pool but wants to do it close to edge so he can catch himself. We understand but we don’t want him to hit his head. So we had them explain to him that we want him to have fun and we don’t want to have to just yell at him no bit if he can’t jump further away then he wasn’t going to be allowed to jump. Good times!

Overall today was a great day! Kids went to bed at decent time and hopefully won’t get up too early again.


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