Day 13

And tomorrow we will have been with our kids for 2 weeks.  I cannot believe it’s beent that long already!

Today was an important day because we had an appointment with PANI this morning.  We had talked to the kids about the meeting and they were excited to go… so excited that the girls woke me up at 5:20!!!!! hahahahha, I looked at the clock and told them what time it was and to go back to bed and be quiet!!! they did but by 6 everyone but Micah was awake 😦 so I turned on a movie and poured cereal and crawled back in the bed like any self sacrificing mom would do… hahahhahaha

Finally we were all up and ready to go and our driver/friend was here for us.  It only took us 10 minutes to get there so we were very early, the kids all did pretty good though and our lawyer showed up and we chatted while she organized things.  The kids had a meeting by themselves while we were there to give them some idea of how it would be with the judge on Wednesday.  Then we went and talked to their social worker.

Their social worker is fabulous with them. Kind but also not gonna pull anything over on her and she makes sure things are the best for the kids!   We talked with her and she had us telling how we thought everything was going in front of the kids because she said it was important for them to hear it. She asked us in private first if we had had any problems. Which we haven’t. So we talked and talked. And Micah told them about understanding how they felt because his parents divorced when he was 4 and divorced again when he was a teenager, so he gets the loss aspect…. They all said we are a good family and they love us and when we were done Luciano was like “okay are we going to the states now” this is so long for them. They just want to go. Heehee

So it just went really well and we left feeling pretty confident Wednesday will go well.  over confidence is really a mistake and I don’t want to go there, so please just keep praying for us and them, but honestly even our lawyer said that it was amazing what we have done in such a short time.  I just know that I have prayed and prayed for us to all be prepared and ready when it was time and God IS good and we are truly feeling like a real family these past two days especially, it’s been on and off again over the past days and I’ve talked to other people who have adopted and said that was very normal, but honestly the past 2 days, things have really just clicked.

After the meeting with PANI we did some shopping… I feel like all I do here is grocery shop but we have a half size fridge and little kitchen and we keep thinking of random things we need (like clorax wipes to keep the bathroom clean 😉  )  So we went to PriceMart (sams club) and Walmart again today with all the kids… I always said I would NOT go shopping with 5 kids… well I did and in a foreign country at that!!! hahahaha  We bought some pool toys, floaties, goggles, balls for them to play with in the pool along with the food… Yes we are spoiling them (yesterday we bought 4 pairs of tennis shoes… hahaha)

Came home from shopping and did a quick lunch of peanut butter and jelly for anna and ben and eggs/rice/beans for everyone else.  We also had snacks inbetween stores so that kept us going 😉

Reposo went really well today with not much fussy and everyone slept!  Even with one of the cleaning staff in our apartment doing the floors!

Micah went for his run (4 miles with a 10:30 pace good job babe) and then I did one a little over 2 miles and alot of walking just looking at things, etc…

The kids slept so late I began to worry about bedtime (and rightly so) but they finally started waking up and of course wanted to go to the pool… In the afternoon here there is no sun at the pool so it’s not my favorite time but being the “cool mommy” that I am we went 🙂  I sat out as long as I could but finally I got in… Angelly loved having the floaty ring, she actually went in it herself and was loving it, although getting mad when she couldn’t move through the water as fast as she wanted, but she’s getting the hang of it… she is also not gagging everytime her mouth goes in the water, but still doesn’t like it… I mentioned that the water was cloudy and later we found out why… we found a bar of soap in the water!!! aparently some of the other guests decided the pool made a good tub… 😦 yuck

Back to the house and yummy tacos and salad for super!  Ericka made the salad and it was que rico (very yummy) just cabbage, tomatos, cilantro, and lime juice… simple but tasty… and the tacos hit the spot… I think pasta bake tomorrow… and I have a ton of potatos to use somehow that I’m not sure how…

Ericka has been emailing with her tia, my sister, and that is cute… if our internet was better we could talk to her on skype but it’s too slow to make a good connection… maybe something to try to do on the kindle or iphone next time we go to like pizza hut or burger king with good internet…

so bedtime… rightly so I was worried right?  they did great after supper, cleaning up as a family and doing their chores without much fuss but then at bedtime everyone was a little crazy… I finally figured out why Ericka didn’t want to sleep in her bed… we have air conditioning here and are using it mostly becuase the road noise is too loud to use the windows but also becuase of bugs and becuase we are hot here… remember it snowed the 3 days before we left…. so anyway, I switched Ericka and Anna today so that the A/C blows on Anna, which she likes because she is hot and Ericka is under the A/C and therefore the warmest spot in the room.  Angelly thinks her bed is rico and just right so now I think everyone is happy.  but tonight they didn’t want to settle down… I had to sit where I could see the boys and Anna and finally they settled.  I set a timer for Ericka and she went without much fussing when it went off (we are letting her stay up a little later because she is older and because it’s nice bonding time with her that we like… one night we were all being so silly and we asked her if it was ok to have “crazy parents” and she was like “yeah” hahahaha… sorry if I repeat stories on here, I still haven’t read back any of my posts… totally journaling for all the world to see here 😉  )

It’s 12:37 am at home and it’s 10:37 pm here and now that I forced myself to do my blog/journal for the day, I’m glad and now….


BUENAS NOCHES good night!!!!! enjoy the read and until tomorrow….


One thought on “Day 13

  1. Hi Everyone, With the potatoes cut em up put in bowl and coat with oil and seasons and bake better than deep frying and can do alot at one time. Sounds like it’s all going together but what else did you expect with God in control Love you all Mike and Vicki

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