Because it deserves its own post that’s why!!!!

I (SARA) got up a little before 6 and the ticos were all showered, dressed, and hair fixed! Hahaha

We all got ready and our driver/friend, Diego picked us up and took us to our friends’ house were Bruce would be watching Ben and Anna (thank you again) and then in to court.

I was a ball of nerves because there was traffic but we got there right at 8:15 like we wanted.

We were unsure exactly where to go in but while I was sending our lawyer a message, she walked up PRAISE THE LORD.

She took us in and we waited for the court approved translator and the PANI lawyer.

We talked a little about possibly changing Luciano’s name a little and they talked to him and agreed on the change. (He has been going by his middle name and wanted to drop the first name).

Then a few minutes later they called the kids back as in less than ten minutes they called us. We weren’t actually sure but it seemed like everything was going good. It was so hot in the judge’s office that I was dripping and I was afraid Micah was gonna pass out. It was hard to hear the translator but I caught most of it. We had to answer a few questions like “why do you want to adopt these kids and do accept the responsibilities attached to them?” And then our lawyer and the PANI lawyer had to state we had complied with all procedures and that they accept the adoption.

Then the kids came in and they signed the paper themselves and our lawyer signed, then the PANI lawyer, the translator, then me, then Micah.

And then we were done!!! We took a few pictures and then left!!!

Our lawyer will get the official copy in a day or two and then she will get the new birth certificates with their new names (our last name) and start their passports.


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