Day 14

Can we really have been here 2 weeks?

Tomorrow we go to court. As we understand it the judge will talk to the kids then either make the determination to finalize the adoption of postpone for more bonding time. We feel confident in our bonding and we know our family is Doing great…. Just gotta show that to the judge tomorrow 🙂 Dios es bueno!

Ok. Today. Well it was supposed to be a nice quiet day but I was delusional when I came up with that plan! Bahahaha

Quick recap…. Up at 5:40 ish again…. Showers & breakfast (cereal for all because we got crazy and bought chocolate rice crispy style….)

Then exercise for me and Ericka (kickboxing again) and then the pool. The pool was awesome this morning. Everyone is doing so good!

Lunch (ate all our leftovers) and a movie and reposo. Not a single child slept today…. Haha…. But they laid quietly and I was able to make out a 3 week menu of meals using the food we have bought over the past week 🙂 I’ll have to keep sticking up in meat, fruits, and veggies but we are in pretty good shape thanks to friends that took us to the costs Rican SAMs club (PriceMart) and helped us stock up 🙂

We had broken a few hangers off a curtain and the repair man came to fix them during reposo so there was no shot.

Micah went for his run and got another 4 miles or so in.

Then we talked a little about my side of the family (mom’s side). And over the next few days we will talk more about the rest of the families as well.

And back to the pool!!!! So amazed by how much having a ring around her waist has turned Angelly brave in the pool!!! Luciano is so athletic he is already swimming great with arm floaties, jumping in, twisting and flipping in his jumps! He’s rougher than Ben is used to so Ben is getting some of what a friend would refer to as “man training” but it is good for him too and most of the time he is right in the mix giving it back as good as he gets!!!

Praise The Lord we choose a place with a pool. They seriously love it!!! We are gonna tear up the river this year!!!!

Supper was pasta and after supper in added a chore chart to our menu of meals… Ericka was in charge of dishes and Angelky the table and floor, but Ben wanted to help her so he ended up doing the floor!

We got the house cleaned up and finished our night time movie and brushed teeth and read books and everyone went to sleep pretty easy!

Some fun bonding time with Erika discussing clothes while she went through and tried on my clothes after the little kids went to bed! Heehee. If I hadn’t gained some weight back we would be right at the same side. Maybe God helped me gain it back so she couldn’t steal all my clothes because apparently she likes my style and kept saying “que lindo” and “que bonito” which is how cute and how pretty to my clothes!!! They are just a little too big for her to steal though! And we are one shoe size different. Micah had already laid down the law with my shoes though. He says no way!!! Heehee

So BUENAS noches!!!! Good night (or morning) my friends!!!! Hopefully our next post is to tell you we are finalized and have officially 5 kids!!!! Dios es bueno!!!


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