Day 17

Today you are getting all randoms

I got to sleep until 7am!

Micah went for a run and I took the kids to the pool and laid in the sun in my bikini…. Yup bikini…. Granted its almost always just our family at the pool but I’m learning to love the body I have!

While putting sunscreen on Ben, Luciano asked for some and I said you don’t need it and he wanted to know why and I said Ben needed it because he is gringo and his response???? “I am too” so yes. He got sunscreen!!! And honestly they prob do need it even though they have darker skin. So we will be using it on all now….

For lunch I let Ericka have her favorite…. Eggs, beans, rice… She helped me cook.

Them it was rest time/ reposo… No one has slept in reposo for days…. Ben and Anna are getting really tired 😦

After reposo we got them ready and Micah took them to the pool while I went across the street to the mall to meet my friend Angie and some of her friends from the language school for pedicures! Now I have cleaned up cute pink toes! They wanted to go to Applebee’s and I am stressed about money since we have eaten out several times this week already and I was worried how Micah was getting in with the kids, so I came on back… Ok so I was scared to take a taxi back home by myself at night…. So what…. Heehee

I got home to find out they didn’t really like my casserole I made 😦 oops but oh well….

They got a movie and to bed a little late… But it’s Friday and we have no plans tomorrow…

8:44 and its pretty quiet out there!!!! I’m going to bed soon myself!!!

Tomorrow a friend is picking me up to take me to Walmart and then Sunday we are going to see our first volcano and visit the farm of our lawyer! We are very excited for Sunday….

In sad news, please pray for my friend and his mom, she is not doing well after a surgery. Also, our lawyer’s pastor’s son passed away and the funeral is tomorrow so please pray for all the friends and family there. Thank you!


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