Day 18

Random recaps –

got to sleep until 6:45… not bad considering

Ericka wanted to cook breakfast for us… we said no gracias… the first time she cooked breakfast we got fried cheese and ham sandwiches, eggs, and beans… the second time we got a peanut butter sandwich and a jelly sandwich and doritos and a huge glass of milk… bahaha… love that girl but her eating habits are out there!

Went to the store with a friend (thank you Amy!) to get a few more pool toys and goggles and food… That was fun and since she was kind enough to come get me with both her kids in tow since was saturday and cart me to a farmer’s market, walmart, and back to her house to loan us rain gear for volcano visiting, we paid her back by inviting her kids to come swim and for lunch! They had a great time although her daughter thought it was COLD!!! It was fun!!!! Hope we get to do it again soon!!!!

Then it was reposo and Micah’s run time

A good snack after nap and then we played in the house and got ready for a walk to a park and just about the time we were ready to walk out, it started raining… oopsie…. the kids were MAD!!!!

So we pulled out some gifts from the grandmas back home and they had a good time!!! the boys had little pop ball toys and the girls had a bracelet making set and daddy helped them with that while I made supper (quiche and pancakes QUE RICO!!!)

they finished their movie and were a little wild getting settled down but it’s 9:35 and it sounds quiet… oh… I just looked up and our bedroom doors are shut… maybe I just can’t hear them… Anna was up a little bit ago “going potty”

Well tomorrow we are going to our first of hopefully 3 volcano visits and then on to lunch at our lawyer’s finca (little farm) and she said they were doing tamales and arroz con leche and I’m super excited for tamales!!! I’ve never had “real” tamales!!!! wooohoooo and I’m excited for the volcano although this is a “little” one and we hear we have good chances of it being cloudy/rainy/cold up there…

I’m super tired today although I didn’t exercise yesterday or today, my legs are sore and I”m so exhausted (probably because I didn’t exercise today… 😦 ) but anyway… BUENAS NOCHES!!!!


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