Day 19

Today was a fun day!!!

We traveled to Irazu Volcano in the morning. Everyone has said the morning is the best time to go… it was cloudy but the drive itself was great!!! So fun for us to drive up up up and into the clouds and even get above clouds!!!

We got there and the important thing for spring families to know is that residents cost a lot less for the entrance so be sure to tell them your kids are Costa Rican! We went in and walked out to the volcano crater and we couldn’t see anything so we played in the “beach” area and then it cleared a little so we ran up to look… we got to see a little of a side crater and a tiny bit of the main one.  Then the kids needed to go potty so I took them.  Later I found out that it cleared! I’ll have to look at Micah’s pictures! We got drinks then back in the bus for a drive to our lawyer’s farm.  Again the drive itself was worth it! I love just driving in Costa Rica and seeing stuff!

We arrived at her farm and it was more than amazing!!! Her and her family have made the best gardens I’ve ever seen!!!! It was raining a little bit but the kids enjoyed running around!!! They’ve really missed having the freedom to just run around and have a good time! They did so good. We also got to have tamales and on our 4th trip to Costa Rica these were our first tamales!!! And they were soooooooooooo good QUE RICO!!!

We are so much and all typical food and so good!

By this time the 4 little kids were soaked so I grabbed their dry clothes and changed them. Also by this time Ericka, who had a teenage point to prove and had worn her new shower and shirts and sandals, had gotten cold enough to put her pants on!!! BAHAHAHA

The drive home was pretty again and some of the kids slept while we talked about some other activities we want to do.

Now we are gone and still full! Micah went for a walk and I’m here updating the blog 😉 and the kids are getting a movie… Yes I know… we watch a lot of movies here!


Luciano tried to drink coffee today…. we said no…. we were scared that he would bounce off the walls! Hahaha

Angelly actually wanted to pretty the did on the other side of the fence from us…. we said no again…. Hahaha

The kids started asking for the phones to play games about 15 minutes into the drive…. we said no…. Hahaha

Look at us not letting them do whatever they want!!! Hahaha

Lessons: angelly loves arroz con leche

Over all a great day!!!


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