Day 23

I’m was sitting at the pool watching the 4 little kids while daddy and Ericka walked over to the mall for ice cream and to see if they have changed the movies yet. And also bug spray for poor Anna. She has almost ten bites on her head alone!!!!

A couple of story lines for today. I woke up REALLY NAUSEOUS. like really really bad. Crawled back in bed whimpering. Also we were arranging transport to a fishing trip in Orossi Valley. I had until 10:30 to pull myself together!!! Several trips to the bathroom and a shower later I was ready to go about 10:20….

While I was sick Ben came in and told me I should not play with my phone or anything but just rest so I could feel better! Very sweet!

While I was sick Ericka came in and asked me if it was a baby because that would be “awww que lindo” (aww how cute). Very sweet! But how to explain most likely not possible. Haha

So a still upset tummy mommy got in the van with 7 other ppl (us plus driver) and we did make it to see an old church and to the fishing farm. You pay by the kilo for the fish you catch and they clean them and cook them for you!!!! It was fun (however my warning to those with weak stomachs that do this is to LOOK AWAY as soon as the guide/operator take the line to get the fish…..) and the finished result was really yummy!!!! We tried all three ways they cook the fish. And my favorite was garlic.

By this time my tummy was still pretty bad AND I got a headache!!!! 😦 more ginger ale for me!

When we were leaving, my phone finally picked up service and we had messages from our lawyer saying we have an appt tomorrow with migration and we also need to go today and get an id for Ericka because she is 12…. Um we didn’t make it so Ericka and I will try to go take care of that tomorrow morning first thing and then we all go together to migration.

In pool news – athletic Luciano can now swim without floaties!!!! Which is a good thing since I had to duck tape his floaties yesterday…. Hahaha

Terrible headache continued but blessed to have super daddy here who took over refereeing and a competent backup cook in Ericka! Que dicha! How great! I ate a little and laid in bed while they got it all cleaned up…. They seem to be all lights out now!!!

We all miss home and they are disappointed that its 23 more days to going home!!!



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