Day 25

Day 25. 22 days to go home. I plan on enjoying the time!!! We could technically come home may 8, 10 dad sooner. But the cost to change that many plane tickets is more than just staying the 10 days. Plus my momma is coming down to visit with us and to help us get home through the airports!!! What a blessing!!!! So excited!!!! We are blessed with a great support system at home! From my aunt that is helping finish the house, to everyone that’s helped with clothes, to my mom coming down here, to Micah’s mom doing grocery shopping for us and keeping everyone at church in the loop! Seriously from prayers to comments to likes on Facebook, we appreciate them all and every little thing lifts us up and encourages us and we love our family but just like with a newborn, this beginning phase is so very hard and tiring and truly, it all means so much!!! Keep the love and prayers flowing people! We can feel them! We haven’t braved church service with 5 kids and we didn’t get any cd’s or DVDs packed so seriously…. Pray!!! We have been a little tired and stressed as the past few days have been hard with me being sick and migration!!!!

Ok today. Was a great day!

We got up early and it started a little rough…. The kids knew we were going in a big walk and they really were not excited so we had to pry them out if bed for the first time!!!! Then in had made everyone breakfast and protein smoothies (something they have been driving us crazy asking for) and almost noone ate and/or drank the smoothies. I’ll be honest. I was really mad!!!! Any other day they beg for more more more food and today it was “no tengo hambre y no me gusta” (I’m not hungry and I don’t like it). An another hung about Spanish. Sometimes. It sounds whining. Even when it isn’t. And this can make a gringa mommy crazy in mere seconds! Seriously. Ben and Anna have always whined and after 7+ years its like flipping a light switch. Whining makes me crazy fast!!! Hahahahahahahahha

Ok so I said today was great. That’s because God is great and after some meditative breathing with prayer on our walk to the bus stop, I was back on the good side of things. We got the bus (correct one woohoo) and got our friends (Crawfords) picked up on the same bus (woohoo) we got switched to a other bus smoothly (woohoo) and back off at the correct stop (woohoo). Then the “fun” began!!!! Hahahaha

We were going in a mountain hike to see 2 of 3 crosses you can see from the road. The beginning of the trail is a paved road and was TOUGH. And then we hit the real trail! The kids were stars. I’m sure I complained more than them. We had mad a deal with them that if they made it without complaining we would watch 2 or 3 movies in the night!!! They seriously did great!!! Anna was fussy and fighting with Leyton the whole time… As always…. And Ben whined some about it being hard… It was not easy on anyone by any means and there was some “whoa my legs” or “oh my feet” but they did so good! We got to the first cross and took pictures and had a snacks then moved on. The 2nd climb was even tougher, and I’ll be honest, there were points I thought I wouldn’t make it! I thought Ericka had given up at one point but she rested an soldiered on! Luciano was a star and Anna alternated between fighting with Leyton and running up the mountain!!! We got to the 2nd cross and rested and ate again (thanks Crawfords for the mani-whiches) and the men-folk walked up award to fill our waters but ended up not because someone told them there was a large group of a rougher crowd ahead so we headed down. Down was harder than up of course! I had to try to hold Angelly’s hand most of the way down the one person wife trail and super dad carried Anna part of the way!

We made it down in mostly one piece (Angelly fell once and Leyton and of course Anna). We were so dirty but we got snacks and drinks at the little store by the bus stop before the bus came and except for spilling super dad’s coke, that went fine too!

Back in the bus, switched buses an back off. Fought the traffic to get into the mall and had lunch. Por fin! Finally! Haha

Then back to the apartment with our friends where the kids started their well deserved and earned movies and we just sat and tried not to stink! Haha

Then our friends left and we started showers and supper. By this time it was very obvious that everyone, including ticos, were a little pink. Some more than others… For example, Micah and I each missed some spots when we did our own sunscreen…. Oopsie!!!!

And tomorrow we are gonna be out in the sun again all day!!! So more sunscreen for Toda la familia and different shaped clothes and hair down for me (my worst spot is the back of my neck….)

The kids were so exhausted they went to bed pretty easy! I got an “I love you” back from Angelky today for the first time and Luciano just continues to be sweet and hugging! Ericka tried to stay up later but I got her to go on to bed without much fuss!

Tomorrow is the amusement park and then the pool and hopefully another fairly easy bedtime! Heeeheeee. Yes you may see a pattern developing. Heehee


Bug bites in the bottom of your feet suck!

Giving Anna her allergy medicine 2 hrs before bed is good timing!

Had our first major misunderstanding today with Ericka that needed a translator (thanks Kerby for being there when I needed ya!)

We want to cut Luciano’s hair…. He wants a Mohawk. We may let him have one then “oops sorry school doesn’t allow them and cut it all off! Jeehee 😉 this is the only thing that he hasn’t tried to be just like daddy and Benny in yet…. Maybe next time we borrow the clippers and cut daddy’s, we will cut Benny’s too and maybe, just maybe, that will work! 😉



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