Day 27

Woke up at 5:15 to Anna wanting to get into bed for the 4th day in a row…. I told her no which of course meant thy by 5:30, all the kids were awake…. 😥

Which made for a grumpy mommy. I basically fed them then woke Micah and said “I’m going for a walk get up” he was like “um ok” and off I went!!!! I walked down to the Central Park which is so pretty and just sat at a table and sent messages with my sister in law or awhile then I wandered back and picked up some groceries on the way home. I was gone for a little over an hour and this was the most alone time I’ve had in awhile! I came back a much happier and patient mommy!

Pretty soon we got ready and went down to the pool (remember that 10-11 is the best pool time here, bc of the weather, the sun, and the buildings) so the kids swam while I sat in the sun for awhile…. Too long of the pink on my shoulders is to judge…. Oopsie…. 2 long days in the sun meant I should have used more sunscreen today!!!

And then I jumped in!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS. I’m 99% sure they are icing the water to help keep it clean!!!!! I’m tempted to tell them we don’t care if its green!!!!

Back to up to the apartment or lunch and reposo (rest time) and Ericka petitioned for a deal. She will go to bed at 7 everyday if she can sit in our room with us during reposo. Deal chica!!!!!

After reposo we just hung out. We’ve had two long days so we just played games and watched tv!

Supper I got QUE RICO for the 2nd time in 1 day! Mommy score!!!! Packages black bean soup with corn added and grille cheese got it for lunch and frozen cheese ravioli and fresh bread and salad got it for supper!!!! Double mommy score!!! BAHAHAHA and thanks to our friend Amy for suggesting these items when she took me shipping!!!!!

Luciano seems to have crashed out early tonight…. But perhaps it’s because he is supposed to be washing off the table and floor….. That’s ok. The beauty of the new chore list I did during reposo is that he can just do it tomorrow!!!! BAHAHAHA that or he’s sick 😦 still trying to get to know these kids as its the first time he’s crashed out like this…. Ericka has done it a couple of times so maybe it’s just something they do when they get really tired???

Random: overall our kids are all acting like normal kids…. From time to time we see “orphan/adoption” related behavior but mostly they are very happy, attention demanding kids….

Well gonna post this before the kids are asleep or even in bed for the first time, in hope it doesn’t jinx bedtime!!!!!



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