Day 28

Today was (mostly) a relaxing day at the apartment.

We cancelled some plans we had made with friends and made new reservations to go to a different beach by ourselves. We are sad that we are not getting to go with our friends but think in the end it worked out for the best.

This morning I went for a nice run to work off some worries and frustrations…. It worked for only a little while but at least I got a good workout! 3.4 miles at 12:01/min average. Not bad. Some randoms I noticed on my early morning run:

everyone else is trying to get to work and

there are some “stands” (like grocery carts) peeling oranges for some reason and

anther guy selling both breakfast and lunch foods out of his trunk.


In the park in one section there was a single man just sitting on each bench. No women. No other side of the park was like that. It made me a little nervous.

When I got back from the pool we went straight to the pool at 9am! Haha. They loved it but Anna got a little too much sun again 😦

Then reposo and Ericka and I walked to the mall to see how much highlights cost here. Disappointed that they cost about the same…. Too bad. Was hoping they were cheaper 😦 got another place to check tomorrow and then maybe another place to go ask. If anyone local has suggestions I’m up for hearing them!!!!

Ok then we had pancakes and eggs for supper and we ate every bite! Haha!

Well I’m exhausted and knock in wood the kids are too and seem to be being quiet in bed!!!!



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