Day 29

Well we are packed for a trip out of the city overnight tomorrow! So blessed that a good friend was able to invite us to his family’s farm! We are all sooooo excited!

One thing that I notice that is different between Ben/Anna and ELA is the amount of questions they ask when we are doing something. I don’t know if this is just their personalities or something more as of right now. But for example. They all asked, more than once, where are we going? With who? At what time? for how long? Who else is going? Are we sleeping there? Where? Plus others I’m forgetting…. Ben and Anna are trusting enough in us to take care of them that “tomorrow we are going to a farm” is enough info….

Today Micah got to go back out for a guys only hike and I can already tell that it did him a world of good! I’m so glad he got to go!

The kids and I just stayed home! Normal morning routine, breakfast with a movie, I did a p90x kickboxing video, we went to the pool, had lunch, had reposo (all the little kids slept awhile), back to the pool (Ericka stayed in the apartment as cleaned while she waited for “her show” to come on), daddy got home, I cooked supper, we watched a movie, got packed, got them to bed! Whew…. Busier than I thought!

Over the past few days I’ve noticed Ericka being somewhat clingy to Angelly…. I’m not sure why, maybe she is somewhat worried about how much her and Anna had been bonding, I dunno, so today at pool time neither one wanted to swim and they went down with us and Ericka was doing Angelly’s hair and doing makeup…. I played with the swimmers (Ben, Luciano, Anna) for awhile then I went over to Ericka and Angelly and was like ok my turn! So Ericka did my hair while Angelly file my nails and cleaned them, then they did makeup, and a “pedicure”!!!! So cute and fun bonding time together!!!!

Well. I dunno if we’ll have Internet, but I do have a small data package on my phone so you might still get an update tomorrow…. But if not, that’s where we are and until then God Bless (Dios the bendiga) and….

BUENAS NOCHES!!! We love you and Jesus loves you and thank you for all our prayers and support! Keep them coming!!!! 🙂


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