Day 32

Last day at the farm, a half day….

Took tons of pictures of the farm today…. In hopes of having then for this blog tonight but the computer isn’t working…. 😦 maybe in a minute 😉

It was really a good day at the farm, although sad to be packing up ad heading back into the city….

For us, visiting this farm was alot like being at home and it was nice, as I’ve said, to be able to let the kids roam and have fun. A nice rest time for all of us, especially considering our hostess cooked almost every meal! Between not having the Spanish to jump in there and say what can I do and the fire breathing outdoor stove (coolness!) and making sure the kids were safe, she did almost all the cooking. Ericka helped every meal! I need some recipes for a couple of things!!! Like the corn tortilla/pancake type thing we had for cafecita one day…. And there was something else…. Oh no what was it?!?!?!

We put the kids in reposo for the drive home and Angelly fell asleep immediately along with the boys soon after! I think Ericka slept a little before we left and slept more in the buseta! After awhile even Anna slept and she slept and slept!!!! I think we wore them out!!!!!

Angelly got sick on the way home and let’s just say we owe our friend and “bus-wash” out that window…. But the drive was gorgeous!!! As always!!!!

We got home to the apartment and got everything hauled up here and the kids collapsed in front of the tv and i cooked an easy supper of frozen burritos and Mac n cheese and fresh yummy strawberries we got on the way back!

The kids went to bed pretty easy and I’m still up why???? Such a bad habit!!!! Hahahaha….

Well pictures wouldn’t upload…. so…..



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