Day 33

A very lazy day. Mommy struggling to stay awake and enjoy the day! I went for several short walks this morning, but I was just exhausted 😦

This afternoon we had good friends over to the apartment and it was great! When we first starting coming to Costa Rica, we could not talk to These friends at all without a translator and now, it wasn’t always easy and we might not have gotten to say all we wanted to, but we did it! We love you sweet friends and hope we get to see you again before we leave Costa Rica this trip, but we know we will see you again oneday!


We love you! And Jesus loves you!


2 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. I have been told this and I have found it to be true, that you know how much progress you’ve made with a language, when someone tells a joke in the foreign language and you laugh without trying to translate it in your mind…this maybe happened for me once or twice, after 7 weeks of total immersion. It sounds like you all are doing great with it- are the kids picking up lots of English?

    • Well I’m not there yet then! Haha they told some jokes over the weekend and the best I could tell is that they WERE jokes!!!! Hahahaha. Yes the little ones are picking it up a little. I’m trying to concentrate on saying it in both languages so they can learn meanings…. Ericka is learning slower but we expect that and she also isn’t trying as hard right now. She wants to learn but she almost wants sit down lessons not on the fly….

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