Day 34

Today we had friends coming over to swim and to teach me how to make tortillas and to just hang out!

I was very happy to have them coming over! And it was a great time! Now I know how to make tortillas and they are yummy! Thanks Angie!

Then we walked over to the mall to get the price of some highlights and almost for in big trouble because we were looking at nail art in a window and Ericka snapped some pictures…. Luckily Angie was able to explain to the women that we weren’t trying to steal anything that she was just playing and we erased the photos. It was a little drama but it was fine! Also the salon we went to was half the price of the others so we are going to go back in the morning to get some ombré color on our hair!!!! Excited!!!!

As our friends were leaving we had a teenage breakdown moment and after they left and I got the other kids settled down in went in and tried my best to comfort her and talk. At first she would say anything and then she said she was just really sad. I said ah yes this is a hard situation and she said yes. I just kept saying (in Spanish ad English) we love you, I love you, I understand, it’s going to be ok. And then I thought of praying and did so in English then in Spanish. And i told her that yes it’s hard but God will help us and to remember the words at the Project, with God all things are possible. I told her she could talk to me anytime, that I know I don’t understand all the Spanish but if you have anything you want to tell me and I don’t understand that we could call someone and help translate.
And then I asked her if she wanted me to stay with her or go away and she said to stay. So I just cuddled with her like I would an upset Ben or Anna and she calmed down and then said she wanted to go to the bathroom. So we got up and I started folding clothes and she came in our room and sat with me and after a few minutes of listening to music, she seems to be feeling more normal! Whew! Micah wanted to know why and what was going on and I explained. “Emotional females and who knows what set it off, it could have been anything, it just adds up until tears are the only way to release the pressure” he said “yeah y’all are messed up” BAHAHAHA

Well tomorrow is a big busy day! We are going super early for their passports and then shopping then hair then US Embassy for their final visa interview!!!!!



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