Day 35

We had 4 goals for today:

1. Pick up the kids’ Costa Rican passports from migracion.

2. Grocery shop.

3. Get mine and ericka’s hair colored.

4. Go to the embassy for their visas.

This is how it went:

1. Ericka, Angelly, and I left at 7:30am to go to migracion for the 3 passports. We got there a few minutes after opening and Angelly and I walked right into the window and they handed them to us. I checked them over, carefully paying attention to the day and month since they do the day first then the month, and they looked good to me so I signed for them and left. Woohoo step 1 complete!!!!! 😉

2. We went to grocery store and got done in record time and under budget! Woohoo step 2 complete!!!!

3. Got home in time to put food up as walk over to mall right as they opened to get hair colored. The woman however wasn’t there and after sitting there an hour we decided we didn’t have the time to do it before our embassy appt so we left and made lunch and ate and got ready for embassy.

Part of getting ready for step 4 was to fill out a simple form our lawyer dropped off for us…. While filling it out I realized I wrote 2001 on Angelly’s form…. She is 7….. Hmmmmm I started chanting “please don’t say that in her passport. Please don’t say that in her passport” (because I was using their passports to make sure I wrote it all down right and spellings were right since I’m paranoid like that)…. So I grab her passport and open it up and sure enough it says 2001!!!!!!!!! 😥

While I try not to freak out, I tell Micah, “please don’t freak out but the year is wrong on Angelly’s birthdate in her passport!!!!” And he didn’t. So step 1 = fail!!!!

I call our lawyer and she says we need To go on to our appointment at the US embassy for their visas but that she would call migracion.

4. Go to the US Embassy. We get checked all over upon entrance and you can’t take cell phones in so we check those and go in. A woman in the entrance room where they check you spoke decent English but I couldn’t really understand what she said so in typical North American fashion I walk right to where we went the first trip. To be stopped at the door by a guard saying we have to have a ticket with a “G” on it to come in. Micah manages to get us this while I admitably fume a bit because beyond stressed and mad at myself for not checking the YEAR close enough on the passports. Oh and we didn’t need a ticket the first time we went…. Sigh. Breathe mommy…..

Ok so we go in and sit down to wait and she calls us and it’s the same lady that did our paperwork the first time and I tell her the problem with the passport. They decided to process all the paperwork and do everything else so we took care of all that, including paying for their visas ($230 each in case you were wondering what an immigrant visa costs 😉 ). She finished the paperwork and we sat back down and waited. Then the “officer” called us up for our interview which was basically “hi how are you are you learning English (to the kids obviously) and where do you work again (to us)” and a swearing in that everything we put in the forms is true and signing it and then him saying that as soon as they get the corrected passport, they will process the visas…. We asked some questions about who could bring it and how long it takes (2 days-ish).

We are overly stressed at this point because we have non refundable reservations at the beach for tomorrow!!!! But we stay calm and breath and get out of there.

Immediately when we get our phones I call our lawyer and tell her how it went. She tried to call migracion but she couldn’t get anywhere. So we decide we should just go.

So we driver over there and Angelly and I jump out and run in. I go up to the window where I picked it up and we waited in line with just 2 people in front of us. We get up there and the woman does not speak English. But I explain the problem and she takes the passport to the back then comes back and looks through this box of paperwork and keeps asking me if its “this morning” or “today” and I keep saying yes. Well then she comes and tries to tell me something and poor Angelly is trying to explain and I’m not getting it. There was a word she kept using that I didn’t know. 😦 it’s so stressful when you are in that language situation and I don’t know why I didn’t ask her to write the word or type it into translator (phones are allowed in migracion….) but I didn’t. Then she goes to the back again and she cones back. This man comes out behind her and says something to her and she says ok we can come get the new one tomorrow at noon. I said not earlier and she said no at noon so i said ok. Then I asked if I needed a paper to pick it up like we had the first time and she said no…. So I said ok and we left. Praying this works out tomorrow!

So tomorrow the plan is for the driver that is taking us to the beach to pick is up early, go to migracion at noon, prayerfully hopefully get the corrected passport, and then take it straight to the embassy, and then go on to the beach!!!!

After all that we get home and Ericka, Angelly, and I walk over to the mall. I apologize for being late and they say no problem and they start our hair! I started freakng out that Ericka was gonna hate hers and freak out but she loves it as really it looks really good. They call it the “something” California” and really we wanted ombré, this is more straight across look but in Ericka’s hair it’s subtle is really pretty. I went too blond with mine so it will have to be “dirtied” up and toned down when I get home but it will be fun for awhile!

So I get back and Ben and Anna and Luciano are being wild… We get them settled down and in bed and Ericka wasn’t too far behind…..

this is the 3rd or 4th time we have had the birthdate be wrong on a very official document… Very rare and unusual!

Luciano’s hair is really cute short and spiked with gel!!!

Well after this day, I’m exhausted so….



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