Day 37

We actually got to sleep in a little!!!!! Wooojoooooo.

We got a slow start but then we made our way down to the other beach and the pools. They have pools of varying different depths and the best is that all the kids could finally reach bottom!!!! We played in the pool for awhile and then made our way over to the resterants for lunch….

Lessons learned at lunch:
Split plates between Anna and Angelly.

Be careful with the sunscreen on poor Anna’s face. (I was washing her flaw in the bathroom and we were rescued by the first aid lady and given visine drops and her eyes are still really red and swollen tonight.

After lunch we walked down to the second beach (there are two here separated by a rock ridge…) well the waves were crashing and making this one so nasty. It just wasn’t as nice. Then the one time the sand cleared I like down and there was a jelly fish less then a foot away from Ericka’s leg. I drug them out and we didn’t get back in there!!!! But they played on the beach for awhile while I got my sun on and Micah went for a walk! Them it was back to the pool were they played great and we rested.

Then it was time to come up to the apartment for a snack and short rest. Then we ran (in the shuttle haha) back down to the first beach (the nice one) and played in the waves! It was fun and the sun was amazing! It started to rain but wasn’t a thunderstorm so we didn’t stress and when it was getting dark we walked up the beach for showers and to call for a shuttle back to the apartment.

I had brought the stuff to make chicken fried rice but we still had some salchicon and ham left so I cooked that up with advocade and oranges…..

Now we are watching the non-cartoon version of 101 Dalmations (in Spanish of course…)

I got a nice walk in today around waist deep water in the pool. Perfect exercise height.

Angelly got back in the salt water (freaked out when it got in her mouth yesterday and started throwing up). Today was jumping waves and yelling “awesome” IN ENGLISH!!!

They are starting to learn some things in English…. I’m talking more in English and they understand more and more even if they can’t think of the words to say it…. HOWEVER…. The gringo kids are speaking more Spanish and “sign” talk than they are English…. Hmmmm

Well time to get them in bed and wash the sand and salt off me!!!!



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