Day 44

44 days…. But who’s counting….

Well today was a long day and a sad day but a happy day.

We went down to the abraham project this morning for a last good bye before we leave for the states, to tell everyone good bye and to show my mom and Ruth Ann’s mom the project!

Upon arrival we almost got mobbed! The kids that knew our kids that were in the daycare swarmed them and hugged them and what not.

Then we went to see the Tios who were waiting outside in almost the same spot as the first day and it was a little awkward to be doing an almost reverse walk. Me walking in slowly like before but this time holding Angelly’s hand and and is being together. I managed not to cry and make a mess of it all and everyone did great! The kids hugged the tios and talked to everyone and they played with each other like the first days there and we talked with all our friends that had come down as well. It was fun but I had to try to talk to everyone a little, knowing it would probably be the last time I see them for awhile. Everyone promises to visit when they come to the states next time! We hope they do! Every time we come to Costa Rica we leave a little of our hearts behind in these people that have become like family. (Sniffle, since I held it together at the project, I think it’s only fair I drop a few tears now right?)

Well Ericka showed us all over the project and we met a couple of her “profas” in the daycare and everyone told us how much they love our kids. One teacher said “Ericka is very special. Many people love her” and we know this is true because we love and why wouldn’t someone love our kids! Heehee. I almost lost the control over the tears as time and again the teachers hugged them and told that to remember them and that they would remember them always. I know they have been well loved! One teacher did not really wanted to let Angelly go and I totally understood and felt bad for her.

I seriously just pray for the workers at the abraham project and all children’s homes and orphanages. It is hard work and they need God always with them to keep them strong. They put so much time and love into these kids and watching them leave is so hard.



Then we went and got some ice cream…. And those that have been will be amazed when I say, it was the first POPS we have had since we’ve been here!!!! Yummy!!!

After that we grabbed KFC and headed to watch some planes. The kids were more excited to play in the playground but thought the planes were a little neat. The ticos are all scared to fly. Please pray for us in this regard as well!

Finally we went to Walmart to buy a cake and cokes for the party at PANI and grabbed a few more bags of coffee. I’m not sure but I still don’t feel like we have enough!!!!

We showed up to PANI and the first task was to meet with the kids’ social worker and talk. We had discussed how things have been going the past few days with the kids with our lawyer and she asked if we would like to talk with her and I asked the kids and they said yes so we set up this time. It was a little awkward to start off and again with battling the tears back (gosh I’m so emotional….. Haha) and it was a really good talk. Just some things that we have wanted to talk to them about but haven’t had enough language to do and how things have been going and all kinds of things. I think they understand some things little better now and we were able to tell them more in depth about our feelings and I thought that it went very well. Then they brought in the other workers and we all had cake an talked an we thought that was fun and went great too! Again with the tears as I thanked them for all their work and that it is obvious that they truly care for the children and for all their work and they told us to just go home and find more families for their children!

Finally we headed home to the apartment and relaxed. The kids watched some tv (Violetta) and a movie (brave in Spanish) and I got some food ready (leftover arroz con pollo and a whole rotisserie chicken shredded with taco seasoning for tacos or taco salad and at least 2 huge avocados and 4 huge mangos! Yummy)

I started a little packing and Angelly picked out her and Anna’s outfits for the airplane and I shoved some clothes into a suitcase (the things of the little girls we won’t need and some of my stuff). Tomorrow I’ll work on the boys and Ericka is gonna work on hers….

Until then….



One thought on “Day 44

  1. I am in tears. It is so bittersweet. I am so amazed by all the Lord has done and is doing in your family’s lives. Thank you for keeping us involved in the story. Our hearts are with you all as your take this next very big step home 🙂

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