Day 46

The last day!!!!

Up early and went to Poas Volcano and La Paz waterfall gardens again! Yes the trip was that good that we did it again! Totally different weather but it was still a box experience! Got to to crater just in time to see it before a cloud rolled in and then it rolled out and we got some photos and it rolled back in so we hiked to the Laguna! Which was clear and pretty. The kids complained so badly but they are champs really!

Them we headed to La Paz Waterfall Gardens and it was rainy but not a soaking rain. We ate without a crowd at about 11:30 and started walking around. It was fun!!!


Anna and Angelly wear one each of two pairs of flip flops… Well one the plastic part has been coming out for days as today at poas we taped it! Hahaha. And then later that day the other one have out as there was no fixing it!!!! It was the pair Anna was wearing so she went barefoot for part of the Waterfall walk! That’s us ky folks! Hahaha

Angelly had a hard day. She kept getting upset and then bouncing back and of course out of 14 people she is the one that the chair flips over on at lunch 😦 luckily I’m learning and had spare clothes and a first aid kit! She’s fine but I’m sure she was hurting so I have her some pain meds….

Erika struggled for awhile…. Stomach pains…. But was better after she also got pain meds…. Jeeze huh!!!!

Luciano was great all day but was sad and came in the apartment crying this evening because of missing his friend…. We let him cry and then he voiced back later and for his bags packed too!!!

Ben climbed all over stuff all day we kept telling him not to and then he scraped his stomach….

What a day huh? It was a little rough 😦

Then this evening everyone was excited as we packed!

Thank The Lord for having our good friends the Crawfords helping us pack!!! We would not currently be ready without them!!! Whew!!!

We have 6 checked bags and 7 carry ins plus our “personal bag” (backpacks) each.

They are excited but scared….

We get picked up in 6 hours so of I fell asleep right now I would get 5 hrs of sleep before getting up, showering, and then waking the kids to dress!!!! Not too bad!!!! And all we have left to pack is the clothes we are sleeping in and the bathroom stuff. Wow!



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