Going home

Woke up at 3:00am (5:00am ky time)!!!! Showered then started waking the kids. They all woke up really sleepy and tired but they got dressed and woke up.

Bruce showed up with Diego to pick us up an everyone started carrying bags downstairs and onto the bus.

The airport was a bit of an issue…. Here’s the scoop. We knew the first part but then we didn’t…. You have to pay and exit tax to leave Costa Rica. It’s currently $29 per person. We paid that or everyone in our group and they give you forms to fill out. In the past we only filled out 1 and the other was a receipt you didn’t really need. Now you fill out both forms, front and back. (Found this out when we went to Delta’s line). Then we went to Delta’s line again and found out we have to have a stamp for the Costa Rican minors to leave the country. Yes even though they are traveling with both parents you have to do this. The embassy gives you a form you need to get the stamp but they didn’t look at them other than to see we had them… To do this you turn left and go almost to the Cafe Britt store then go behind it. It says immigration on a sign near it… We got that then back to delta line we go and finally got to go in it this time. Then on to the next person that thoroughly checked the forms and the stamps on the forms. Then on to the desk to check in and check the bags. One bag was 51 lbs but they let it go. The rest were 46-48.5. Hahaha. Then in to the next line where they check our passports and stamps again. Then through security. No hassle other than they almost dropped the laptop and kindle on the floor! Ugh. Then not o our gate. They had told us they would start boarding at 6:15 and we arrived at the gate at 6:11 so we went to the bathroom and then sat down maybe 3 minutes when they announced those needing special assistance can board. That’s us so we jumped up and they took us in the plane. They check your carry ons one last time on the ramp. You CANNOT take any liquids on the plane. Even ones you buy in the airport. But we knew this and had no problems. Then on the plane and try figure out our seating. We had 7 together and 3 several rows back and we ended up with me and Micah together with Angelly and my mom, toni, and Ruth Ann with all the other kids!!! I felt really bad about dropping the kids with them but couldn’t figure out another options…. Then on take off I realized we could have put mom toni and Anna back here and us up there with the others…. Oops….

They all did good on take off. Angelly and Luciano jumped up and down. Angelly kept opening and shutting f window. She didn’t want to look but loved it when we were up. Ericka was stressing out holding so tight to the armrest. And Ben was trying to get her to lighten up and enjoy it by poking her arm! Haha. But once we got up in the air and we could check on them she was fine. Now they all have their electronic devices on and we got a movie and are waiting for drinks!

Ok. The airport was misery but we made our flight and it was quick and we landed and got our bags as the boys would flash flash and are in the car heading home!

I’m exhausted so I’ll update you more tomorrow how they do at the house! Very exited right now! Late night for everyone!



3 thoughts on “Going home

  1. Glad to have you all back home. Now the real life sets in Love you all God Bless Mike and Vicki

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