3rd day home

I feel like I’m back in Costa Rica! I woke up at 7:17 to silence! Then thought, “uh oh, wonder if they all went outside already???? I really need to find my rule book and go over them again and add a few “farm ones”……” So I snuck down my hallway to check and they were in bed so I snuck back to bed! But of course then I couldn’t go back to sleep 😦 a little while later I heard someone up so I went to check and it was Anna. We played a little bit and soon Luciano and Angelly were up followed by Ericka and a really dragging Ben!!! I started breakfast for us all and I actually did good with only 2 eggs and no toast! Go me! Slowly weaning from carbs…

After breakfast we did our first English/Spanish lessons! We all wrote the letters and practiced pronouncing them the English way…. Then I did a couple extra things with Ben, Anna, Ericka…. Ben wrote his colors in Spanish. Ericka wrote hers in English and I visually worked in colors with Anna. It was a good practice!

Then it was FINALLY (9:30am) time to get to go ride horse!!! Hahaha. We got dressed and had to try to explain to the ticos why showers at night are better when you live on a farm…. Angelly REALLY lobbied for a quick shower but I put my mommy foot down…. We can’t be having 2 showers/baths a day each…. Just can’t.

So she was disappointed to start the day bc she didn’t love the lesson then she didn’t get her shower…. Then we got to the barn and she didn’t get to ride first (bc I let Ben ride him to the barn)…. And then mommy was not being 110% careful and pinched her chin with the snap on her helmet 😦 😦 😦 then she was not happy that she didn’t get to ride the big horse she wanted to rode first…. Well by then I was pretty fed up with the pouting so I tried to have a conversation with her about acted like that when she doesn’t get her way…. Not sure it was clear but was apparently good enough bc she tried… So she rode Blackie, then Luciano rode Blackie, then Ericka rode Benito (the big horse that is NOT ours that all the kids love best…..) and then Anna rode Blackie for 2 minutes, and then Angelly rode Benito and then Ericka rode Benito again and Luciano rode Blackie again…. Did you follow that? It’s like a word problem…. Now… Who was the 2nd person to ride Blackie and the third to ride Benito?

We came home and the kids played a little while I got lunch ready and then I put them in reposo. I’m not sure what the boys are doing but it’s quiet so I don’t care right now (famous last words?) and I sat with the girls and Angelly fell asleep pretty fast (I’ve been saying that I think her biggest problem this past week has been tiredness…). I know it’s mine! I have alot of organizing and putting stuff up to do but I think I might try to go to bed kinda early tonight…. We shall see….

We went back up to the barn after I had the boys clean their room up some and I was helping with clothes and whose is whose and where they are gonna live…. We rode Keiren who doesn’t love to give rides, well the riding is fine. The swam of kids walking around him he doesn’t love…. But they did great! Luciano gets better every time! Rapidly. Like everything else physical he tries! Haha he had me walking at the end of the lead line. He is firm but not rough like a lot of young boys can be.

God is so good to have given is kids that fit so well into our lives! It’s truly amazing! From the way they eat and talk and things they like and are good at! It’s crazy! Dios es bueno!

Oh. Confession….. Before we went to barn the 2nd time, I made Ericka cry…. She was wearing her good swede boots instead of the boots of mine she’s been wearing…. And I couldn’t get her to change…. After like 15 minutes of trying to get her to change with techniques like waiting and patiently explaining…. Yup….. I snapped…. I yelled…. In English…. And she jumped up and said “I don’t understand anything” and went to her room and shut the door…. So i sat there and felt terrible so i went in and she was crying and I had to try to apologize in Spanish…. I told her it was bad of me to yell and I was sorry and would she forgive me. I said i am tired but that is not a good reason…. No clue if the Spanish translated right but she seemed to understand and said she forgives me and that we were ok…. Sniffle. And yes i cried too…

On other news…. All three now know what the electric fence feels like! Luciano touched it this morning. He was petting a horse and to me it looked like he purposely grazed his hand in it and it arched and snapped him and he jumped…. He laughed about it but in old him that was just a little one… Later Angelly was feeding horses and grabbed it and Ericka tried to pull her off so she grounded it and it went through her! Well that was a lesson learned for everyone!

After the barn, Ben and Anna and Luciano played outside in the sand and Ericka and Angelly took baths and got pajamas on and made more videos of dancing and singing…. Which I think is really cute…. The 3 outside had to have showers when they came in bc they were COVERED in sand. Actually Ben had to get in twice to get it all off!!!!

I had bought a huge bag if chicken fingers from the bread basket so I made those with rice and beans and salad and strawberries for dinner! It was yummy! The chicken was decent and the homemade BBQ sauce we bought in Michigan earlier this year really made them perfect!!!!

Ericka got to pick the movie which they started before supper then I paused while we are and now they are finishing…. Anna is sitting in Ericka’s lap in the rocking chair and Angelly is next to me on the recliner part of the sectional and the boys are piled together on the couch! It’s really cute!!!! Ok I had to get up and take pictures. Too cute!

Ok well tomorrow would be Ben’s last day of school if he was still in so we would like to wish a happy summer to his class and Ben hopes some of his friends are in his class next year! See ya soon!

BUENAS NOCHES! Good night!


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