Day 5 home

We really seem to be settling very quickly back at home. Only day 5 and the past two mornings have been very tranquil.

I didn’t sleep well, kept waking up, but I do feel more rested today thankfully!

Ericka did almost an hour on Rosetta Stone. She did lesson 1 twice, still isn’t passing it so next time I’ll prob sit with her and see if I can help…. After I figure out how to say “it takes awhile to figure out what the program wants you to do, and it’s ok you’re doing great”

The other kids wrote 4 colors several times in their new language and had a quiz on colors as we were just playing around the house…. And practiced counting to 20….

I let them watch a movie this morning and therefor got some bill stuff taken care of…. Still have some calls to make to try to sort out some issues (non-adoption related) we are having with our insurance….

Here is some reality – our biggest problem this far has been the kids stuff. We have three kids coming from a home where all toys were shared and two kids that have “possessions” and have always fought like dogs and cats over whose was what… For the most part Ben and Luciano are sharing good but the little girls almost had a knock down drag out over a stuffed horse this morning…. I don’t know how to be fair, I don’t know how to resolve this, I just don’t know…. If you are adopting and have kids already I suggest you let them keep 2-3 things and give everything else away am once you know your new kids go but them 2-3 things. Yup that’s gonna cost alot of money….. WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH IT!!!!! Oh yes, I know that of course the others would want new ones too…. I think this is a no-win situation….

And I’m so conscious of trying not to “favor” the bio kids, (sigh and there is no politically correct way of saying this so just don’t get offended ok), that the “new/adopted” kids are getting more of their fair share. For example, yesterday Micah bought a clock radio for the girls’ room. The “fair” thing to do would be out it in the middle…. But Anna is in the middle and Angelly wanted me to put it on her dresser…. So I had a split second to decide if I said no to her and put it in the middle if this would look like me “favoring” Anna over her…. Or if letting her et her way too much would be worse for her in the long run…. This is where the language barrier comes in…. Really it needs to sit on Anna’s headboard for better reception…. But no way to explain that to Angelly at this point…. Sigh….

Well since it was a tranquil morning we decided to take them to the park, for mom to play tennis with Ericka while the little kids visited with Granny and all get to at on playground.

I was just sitting here thinking about Angelly and her behavior. I think it’s age regression. It’s something I read about in the trainings but expected it more from Ericka but Angelly is the one that sea to be experiencing it the most…. It may be the influence of a younger sister but she is acting more “baby-like” crawling around even and asking for the sippy cup and jumping up to be held, her speech and speaking is a little different today too… Hmmm interesting…. Maybe is, maybe isn’t but it’s interesting to see which way it goes as we continue to get more settled…. Could also be part of the sudden onset of more tears than we had on the beginning…. Although that could still be just regular areas of moving and tiredness…. 100’s of options! Lol

It’s just really hard right now because there is nothing we can do to “fix this”. We can only give love and be patient and let them mourn and heal from leaving Costa Rica. Even though they really wanted it, there is still pain attached and all I can hope is that I can be patient enough to withstand this time of tears….

We had a huge meltdown this afternoon when we went to the park. What started as a trip to play tennis with Ericka ended up being a console Angelly trip. I got to play a little tennis but mostly had to be with Angelly 😦 then about the time Angelly got better, Ericka got upset. We went to Walmart and Micah took the 4 little kids in while I stayed in the car with Ericka. It took tears and a translator but finally I figured out she’s upset bc her brothers and sisters take up so much of my time. I said I would talk to daddy and we would figure out something we could do by ourselves tomorrow. I know she would like to go shopping and she asked if we could drive to her friend’s house (adopted last year and lives 480 miles away)…. But she laughed. So I think it was a joke! Heehee

Right now everyone is doing good and we are watching puss in boots in Spanish. Hopefully we have an easy night…. We are thinking about trying to get them to bed early on night and sneaking out to a movie…. We shall see how it goes….

Well. BUENAS NOCHES and good night

Ok had to edit to add that while bedtime was late late late, it was great!!!! Angelly was super silly and her and Anna were running around acting like puppies. She wanted a pull-up in like Anna and I made zero deal out of it but gave her one…. And she was super cuddly! Most times when she cries she is super stuff and won’t cling or cuddle, but tonight she was super happy and cheerful and cuddly. Asked me to kay with her, verbalized “I love you” when I was telling her in Spanish…. This is the “normal” child we got to know the first 5 weeks…. Not the sad crying one of the last week…. I know in my head that its too much to expect them to e even this well adjusted at this stage in the game. I keep telling myself and daddy that most people say it takes the full first year to get to your new normal…. To be fully “attached” and what not…. Luciano was super talkative and in actually understood most of what he said and Ericka was watching videos but easily turned it off and got ready for bed when it was time…. She also asked me to come to her bed but she was asleep before I got there… Oops…. Well BUENAS NOCHES for the 2nd time….


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