11th day home

Morning started decently at 7:00. The girls waited for me in beds like I told them but Ben and Luciano did not (because I forgot to tell them to…. Oops)

Micah started early helping my dad with hay and Ben and Luciano helped and Anna played around them! Haha. Ericka and Angelly and I picked strawberries again! Wow so many I think I’ll make jam!!! I started cutting them up while the kids played.

Then I worked on the chore list and discussed then with ericka. She then negotiated to pick a movie to go with lunch if she did all hers which I agree to. She did all her chores so we watch beauty and the beast with lunch. In English. 🙂

After lunch the kids had reposo while daddy worked on pool and ericka studied English in Rosetta Stone… She is on lesson 3 but is still not speaking much English to us. She tries but gets frustrated and stops. Part of the problem is me understanding just enough so that they don’t “have” to speak it…. I’m slowly speaking more English to them and asking them if they remember words to things…. We need to Spanglish this house up until they are talking better!

After reposo we played some games and they totally beat me every time…. By then the pool was full enough for them to jump in. They had fun. Too much fun. I need a whistle to get their attention!!! They make so much noise I have to yell at the top of my lungs to get their attention if they need to stop something…. Which they needed to a lot!!!! Ericka was actually trying to play with them and make up games which I had to translate and of course I walked inside for a split second and Luciano was crying! And after that ericka just sat there sad and then got out and changed. Then later she said the home was more fun…. Then asked if she could play games on her phone…. Which at first I said no then I decided to let her for a little…

Then we had another crying jag with Angelly…. Where she would NOT snuggle or cuddle…. I got her changed into Jammies and eventually she stopped and helped me with dinner.

For dinner I let Luciano pick a movie with the promise they would go “flash” to bed after. He picked Percy Jackson and the lightening thief…. Part way through I remembered a part that might be WAY over what they should watch so I paused it and asked ericka and she said it was ok. And we watched it and that part was fine. We shall see how bedtime goes…. Pray us good dreams!!!!

Update – bedtime was not great. Angelly started crying as soon as the movie was over saying her back hurt. And then was planning on having bad dreams so I talked to her about thinking about her favorite thing. She chose my little ponies so I gave her one to sleep with. Which meant Anna had to have one. Which meant Angelly wanted two…. Which I put my foot down at…. She whined a little but didn’t cry again…. Then I got the boys down and this means me going back and forth back and forth about 5 times. Bedtime was a little later than I want it but they all know they are supposed to stay in be in the morning and I’m not too concerned about specific bedtime this week bc vbs starts next week which is gonna be a problem I’m sure but if I have to sit by ourselves with Luciano and Angelly Then I will…. I want to see the play since Micah is in it and Ericka really wants to go (pray she meets and is able to make some friends with some girls this week). Ben will enjoy it but wouldn’t care to miss it and Anna will just be Anna wherever we are….

Well that sums up this day I hope…. Ericka is soon to bed and me shortly thereafter….



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