Days 18 & 19

Well yesterday was daddy’s bday but he had to work! We were home all day and saw him at vbs. the day was a pretty good day! Nothing really exciting happened. And a full day later I can’t remember what we did exactly!!!

Today was a great day! I took the kids up to ride and got a surprise chance to ride my own horse for a few minutes. And then daddy stayed with the kids while I went for a walk! Some nice time for me today! But now I’m tired!

We went to the last day of vbs and it was awesome! Daddy has been in the play and the kids are enjoying the crafts. I was able to translate some of the main lesson better tonight so that helped. And some friends brought us 3 dozen eggs!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Angelly cried today as we were leaving but then she snapped out of it and later told me why. She was pretty demanding today with wanting to be held all the time and stuff. In know this is normal for her to be acting like this at this point but its still a little difficult at times for me. I expected Anna to be really jealous of them, especially Angelly, but she isn’t buy Angelly is really jealous of everything Anna is doing or has. And on top of that she also wants to be a “little mommy” to her and boss her around…. It’s been a little difficult…. Little! It’s really going so well and any issues we have a very small in the grand scheme of things!

I’m expecting major breakdown from ericka now that vbs is over… She has really liked going and now that its over she’s gonna be sad!!!

Well mommy is tired…. BUENAS NOCHES FRIENDS


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