Day 21

Today was actually really good after the crazy that was yesterday! Everyone woke up in a good mood and after talking with our social worker I felt more certain in how I wanted to handle things…. But it was fine!

I had told ericka she couldn’t use “her” iPod or computer today and she didn’t even ask all day!

We went to church and it was a family worship morning (no children’s church) so they all sat with us in big church. They were really good and I finally got to have a service for adults! And….. He preached on the exact verses that I memorized our first mission trip to Costa Rica!!! Talk about feeling full circle!!!! Nice work Riley!!!!

The verses are Phillipians 4:4-9

After church I was gonna get to go ride at a local park but it was gonna pour the rain so we stayed home. Instead I rode at home and just hung out at the barn with a few friends while Micah handled reposo and after! A nice mommy break!

Then ericka and I made dinner together…. Guess what it was!!!!

Oh and ericka asked of she could call a friend from church and I said sure and asked the mom and she said yes so we called. We both thought they did pretty good for one speaking Spanish and the other English!!!! They took 5 minutes to get off the phone because neither could understand what was going in by that point!

We got the little kids in bed almost by the prescribed bedtimes and I’m watching a movie with ericka (Night at the museum 2, in English)….

Oh and ericka promised to help with laundry sorting after the movie…. We shall see!

And so….



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