Days 25-31

I can’t face a blog update….. But it’s been a week….

Here’s a summary –

Thursday – don’t remember
Friday – don’t remember oh kids rode then abuela left and Walmart by myself with 5 kids
Saturday – friends over
Sunday – church and leave
Monday – ride
Tuesday – rain, ride, home
Wednesday – daddy shift change, free movie, church

Here’s the greater story: as I can recall:

Thursday a friend was going to come over with her two kids (1 erickas age, 1 Benny/angelly’s age). But unforeseen events occurred and they couldn’t make it so we rescheduled. Granny P came over and brought us supper (thanks they will take taco casserole anytime!) it was yummy and appreciated!

Friday daddy was on day shift and I took the kids up to ride in the morning and everyone rode except Benny! Ericka and Anna rode Big Ben or as we are calling him now, Benito. Luciano and Angelly took turns on wonder pony Blackie! (For my horsey friends, mom taught Angelly how to post in her third ride and she was doing it quite well today and took a few strides of canter with no panic! She’s tough as nails and finally putting the pink helmet to work!) then we had reposo and later went to Walmart (out of fruit) and spent too much money…. Oops…. Abuela stopped by to say bye as she was headed down to the Big South Fork to ride for the week and that motivated the kids to practice! And gave me a chance to talk to them about me leaving in a few days for the Big South Fork! They weren’t happy but they took the news fairly well all things considered! Note how blessed we are to have kids that can handle mommy going away overnight this early! We blame this amazing adjustment on all the boring normal days in Costa Rica! The travel process is long but really got us bonded and secure!

Saturday we swam early and then friends came over. We had lunch then swam again! At first they were all shy but then they ended up playing great for most of the afternoon before they had to leave!

Sunday I took the kids to Church. Angelly went happily with Anna and then Luciano went with Ben and ericka to children’s church. I stayed for service in the main chapel. Awhile later ericka came back because she couldn’t follow without me…. Oops…. Then she went on to Sunday school just fine (she told me today, Wednesday, that she really really really really really likes her Sunday school teacher!!!!!) so finally for the first time since we left I got the whole church service! Woohoo! After church we got chicken from KFC and then reposo while I started to pack to leave for a two days of riding in the Big South Fork. Granny P came over to watch the kids (who were by now in the pool) and I finished packing at the barn. My new friend got there to ride down with me and we got the ponies loaded and headed out. On the way down I accidentally stopped at a gas station with a Baskin Robbins in it…. What. A. Shame. Huh????? LOL well we got there and got the ponies out and unpacked and had supper and went to bed.

Monday I slept in until 9am!!!!!! I was exhausted and slept great!!!! It was amazing not to have to get up and immediately start fielding fights and demands and questions in 2 languages! We rode them put the ponies up and ate and rode then I baked a bday cake for my mom and we waited for my sis to show up. She showed up and we got her unpacked and horses unloaded and ate the cake (QUE RICO by the way)

Tuesday I woke up earlier and had slept terrible 😦 and it was raining raining raining so we went to the tack store. Hubby doesn’t even know how close we came to having all the savings drained! I was trying to be good but in walked a tight line an almost bought: new purse, bling sunglasses, bling flip flops, and new boots…. I had my mom hold my credit card!!!! Bahahahahaha. In the end I got a small pack for my lunch on the trail and my new friend that ride down with me gifted me with new sunglasses (thanks again!) but that was all…. It was a close thing though! It’s so hard…. I’m at half-time hours and I just can’t spend money like I used to and us be ok! Slowly getting used to it! Then it cleared up so we rode! It was a great ride! My pony went in the very back of the line for awhile comfortably (I think we were both still sleeping) then we went in the middle for awhile before getting fully awake and taking the lead back finally…. We both prefer the front…. HAHAHAHA we left for home at 7pm which would put us home at 10pm but we decided to pull over in Danville for awhile because of a really nasty storm heading our way! The storm broke up and never reached us but if we hadn’t stopped we would have driven right into it… So we got home at 10:30 and my dad was waiting in us with barn doors open. We got the ponies out and tack put up and I went home where Micah and ericka were waiting up for me! Ericka was speaking a lot of English! Apparently I need to go away more often! Before I left we had discussed moving ericka into my office and while I was fine they did that! It looks nice and she seems really happy to have her own room. Now I just have to rearrange the rest of the stuff they had to take out to make it work!

Wednesday daddy was supposed to work nights but he has training so they search to day shift…. So I had to take the kids to the free movie in Danville by myself. Luckily a friend was going and was able to help me balance the popcorn to the seats! (Thanks again) and another friend stopped by to see us for awhile so that was fun! We watched Rise of the Guardians, which I had seen and liked so that was fun! Even if I did have to get up for the bathroom 4 times during the movie! Hahaha. We got little ceasers pizza on the way home and then ate it at home and had reposo. I made them do nothing and after about 20minites they were calmed down enough for me to lay down. Which I did. Then I feel asleep. And slept for over an hour! It was amazing! Then I got the kids up and they swam and then we got ready for church. I hit up the library on the way to fax some Insurance paperwork and then we went to church. There was no children’s church so I got to stay in service again and the kids were mildly distracting but not bad! Yay! We came home and bedtime was also fine! Double yay!

Oh I forgot to mention my internal breakdown…. Over the past few days I went on a little getaway on horseback…. Well it was a taste of what life could be like. And it’s hard sometimes not to wish for the simple life we could have had without kids (bio and adopted). Days of sleeping in. And doing what we want. And being able to go away for a whole week at a time with my pony. But at the end of the day, despite being on a different path and different walk than most of my friends…. I thank God He sent us this way and these 5 kids and pray for patience and understanding and acceptance that this is my life. Wherever you go, there you are. It might not be simple. It might not even be enjoyable at times. But it’s the wherever I am and I am determined to be present and enjoy the journey and not wish life away or second guess.

And now I’ve had my sleepy allergy meds and done my weekly update and so…. BUENAS NOCHES AND GOOD NIGHT!


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