Days 32-39

Can I even remember this week? This is a test people…. Maybe I’ll start my memory medicine after this….

Thursday –

Friday – i went to the store and bank early leaving kids to go fishing with daddy then daddy left for promise keepers

Saturday –

Sunday – went to tn to surprise my mom for her bday

Monday – rode horses, 2 all by ourselves

Tuesday – rode horses. Caught a mouse. met daddy in town for shopping and dinner and a surprise visit to a friends house with kittens

Wednesday – ex-intern visited us and friends brought us supper and church

Thursday – bought mice, cat clothes, n crickets. had friends over for dinner and a movie

Yup 2 out of 8 days are complete blanks…. Apparently I was busy as there are no posts on Facebook to back me up….

All I really remember is it was a fairly “normal” week but despite that I really struggled…. Slight post adoption depression…. And yes that is apparently a real thing…. In my option this is caused by spending (usually) a year+ with adoption process as your main life focus and goal and now we have no tangible “goal” now we just raise 5 kids…. It’s different…. And I can’t explain the feeling exactly other than to say I just felt adrift…. And that led to me being really really really grumpy…. Then one day I realized it wasn’t the kids that were being different… It was me. So I actively prayed and chose a different path. It’s not always gonna be easy and we knew/know that but some of the places we have had challenges have surprised us!

Randoms –

We’ve managed to turn Angelly into a puppy…. Anna has acted like a puppy for years and now Angelly is too…. HAHAHAHA

Ericka is digging her new room and especially “her” new music and exercise (Zumba) videos!

Luciano is acting out a little more but we are focusing on love and attention in good times more than punishment if we can (I mean sometimes you just gotta sit in consequences if you do certain things you’ve been told over and over not to do)

Ben’s amazing heart and kindness bleeds through and makes me weak! He has not spent his money for almost 2 years and today he far it almost all away! Some to buy gifts for brother and sister and some just gave away! Amazing!

Anna is doing awesome! She is really bonded to ericka and she didn’t want to hold my hand the other day “bc look mommy (nodding to our hands) we are the same. Me and ericka and different and I want to hold her hand” they are really cute together!

A small world story –

Long story short an ex-intern (from the children’s home where our kids lived) contacted us and said she was in Ky and had heard they were living here now and could she visit. Well she was an intern at the Abraham Project for 2-3 months in 2011 and said she had a special place in her heart for these three and has been praying for them to get a family and stuff and we asked her how far away she was and it was less than an hour so we felt it was meant to be and yesterday she came out and visited them. They didn’t really remember her at first but I showed them fotos of them with her and that made them feel like they remembered her more and they enjoyed her visit. She was able to talk to ericka and ericka told her basically that she likes it here but will be happy when school starts. Angelly told her about not liking her swim suit we got her at first and she explained that it was ok for her to show her belly here and she said yeah she used to not to like it but she does now. Heehee. And Luciano wouldn’t really talk to her as far as I saw….

In summary –

A good week with no major meltdowns and mommy is coming out the other side of her “funk”

Love you all and hope God is with you and blesses you and that you feel His love and joy and kindness!


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