Day 41

After a complete breakdown on my part last night about not knowing how to raise a teen…. We had a good day!

She is really good but somehow we continue to feel like something is wrong. Maybe this is expectations that we need to let go? She’s sooooo normal. And sooooo even better than some 12 1/2 year olds! So what’s our problem? I think we have to stop looking for negatives and parent the great kid we currently HAVE!!!!

For example today I asked her to go study English on the computer during reposo. She didnt want to. I told her to do it anyway. I gave her time to think about it. She didnt go. I gave her 2 choices: study now or no movies or computer for 2 days. She said why. I said because I said so and because you need to learn English. She said but I don’t want to do this type of studying. I said no not that kind (what she was talking about) but the program on the computer. So she said OH! And jumped up and went and did it for an hour! So proud of her and us for not fighting or getting upset. See God uses all for good. Bc I have a sore throat I really can’t yell and I’ve been bad about that lately…. 😦 so since I couldn’t be rash and yell I had to stop/think/act wisely! Praise The Lord!

And the rest of the day went great. Luciano went to the barn and did awesome and spoke great English with grandma and friends up there! Awesome!

We went to “the dollar store” or as Ben corrected me, “the dollar general”!!!! Hahahahaha oh Ben you are too smart! Anyway to get some quick ad easy foods we eat when daddy is on nights (eggs and salchicas, otherwise known as hotdogs, and beans). Daddy doesn’t like this meal but kids do and I eat salad when they get it and everyone is happy! HAHAHAHA

We watched a movie and had ice cream! Then I got the kids to bed and for some reason NO ONE wanted to settle down! I me a NO ONE…. Oh wait…. Ice cream before bed????? Oops!!!! Bahahaha

Then ericka negotiated for a movie. I wasn’t sure about it. Afraid it had bad language and she countered with if its a bad word tell me and I won’t repeat it. (We had to, no, I had to explain a couple of days ago what a particular “F” word meant and why we don’t say it….) well this movie was in English with Spanish subtitles and I looked and most times they didn’t translate the bad words in the Spanish…. Hmmmmm so maybe the Spanish words in some of the movies are also not as bad? I dunno…. Good learning times…. Hahahahaha….

Well BUENAS NOCHES! We are now 2nd service goers at church bc all the 12 year olds seem to go to 2nd so hopefully I can sleep in a little! Then 3 showers, 1 plancha el pelo, breakfast, and dressing and off we go to get our twice weekly dose of spoon feeding Jesus! 😉



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