Days 42 – 58

Been awhile since an update huh? Lets hit some highlights of the last 2 1/2 ish weeks!

Oh I remember now. It rained. And rained. And rained some more. All day July 4th I said “this has to be the rainiest 4th of July ever” and later that day the news confirmed “wettest 4th of July on record” hahahahaha I mean it rained and rained and rained. Those local know what I mean. Those in Costa Rica think “so what” I’m here to tell you it rarely rains all of one day in kentucky. Especially in July. Especially day after day after day.

Some details –

July 2 – rearranged the little girls room (remember we moved Ericka out and into my office) so the girls room finally got spread out and it’s super cute and they love it! We went shopping today to buy some things for ericka’s early bday pres and the little kids spent all their money on…… Pet mice….. I know. I know. Que hazco. Mommy had a weak moment. But I did make sure to get two females so we didn’t have any accidents and because the males smelled worse. (Foreshadowing)

July 4th – ericka did my hair in like 100 little rubber bands. It was fun and cute but didn’t sleep well! HAHAHAHA oh and I let her cut it! Lol. Well I had a haircut appt the following week anyway….

July 5th – we decided to get ericka her birthday present early…. Because we can and to help her because she gets very lonely with no kids her age to play with (she is used to being with other kids her age all the time). And we discussed it with her that we won’t be giving her presents on her actual birthday, just a party with family, friends, and cake. She agreed. So she got her cat, Luke. He’s pretty cute and very smart. Pretty funny to see a 6 week old kitten toddling down the hallway to find his litter box! And our adult male cat LOVES him! Plays gentle. Cleans him. Everything! Weird!

July 6 – it stopped raining! We took the kids to the pond to play fetch with one of the dogs. The little kids quickly were wet above their boots and then swimming. In. The. Pond. Ericka eventually did too! They loved it!

July 7th – a funny day of Spanglish.
Anna: mamí dijo it’s ok
Angelly: si pero no play

July 8 – the ticos started a two week ESL (English as a Second Language) day camp. They were nervous but went. On the bus. So cute. A minor accident the first day from fear of bathrooms (what or why we have yet to figure out) but other than that they had fun! Yay!

Oh look the cute girl mice made a nest.

July 9 – mommie’s first day of work! I got into my work computer after only 7 password tries! Them spent the day resetting passwords and going through 470 emails!

Oh look. One of the girl mice is really getting fat.

July 10 – 2nd day of work spent training. Ticos still doing well in the camp and having fun. Ericka did a question and answer session and the little 2 had to have a lesson with mommy since they couldn’t remember what they had learned.

So yeah. Got home from church…. Kids are running around like crazy as I catch “the girl mouse laid babies” WHAT?!?!?!?! Oh yeah she did….. 5 little pink squirming blobs of mouse baby…….. Ugh!!!!!

July 11 – ericka did not want to go to school. Way tired. With 5 minutes to spare and me telling her she’s going in the clothes she has on if she doesn’t change, she finally dressed and got in the car to go! Heeeheeeheee

We had some really tired kiddos for a few days that were really not much fun. They would NOT sleep! Finally got some extra sleep over the weekend and started doing better!!! Whew!!!!

July 12 – I had to cancel adult lunch plans but Ben and Anna were invited to come swim with the ESL camp so I of course took them! They had a blast and it was so nice for me to meet some of the teachers that have been working with them as well as the woman that will be working with Ericka in the middle school and getting to talk more with the one that we have met a few times that will be working with Angelly and Luciano in the elementary school. What a blessing to have these fabulous women working with our kids!

July 13 – well Luciano has been a little defiant lately 😦 laughing when I tell him he is gonna be in consequences for his actions and stuff. After this has home on for awhile his behavior escalated to a point where he defiantly had to have consequences. I put him in timeout and he just laughed. I made the consequences a little more difficult and more difficult until it was no longer funny for him. It was tough love for sure but images it without anger or yelling and at the end we had a good talk about why he had been in consequences…. He has not laughed or said good since when we mentioned consequences…..

Oh and also the other female mouse had babies today. Yes. We bought not 1 but 2 pregnant mice 😦 double ugh.

Saturday and Sunday I also had a riding lesson each day! Happy birthday to me from my mommy! My lessons went well and I now have some nice things to work on withy sweet horse when I get a chance to ride next!!! This also reminded me what riding in 90 degree weather feels like! Whew!

Sunday we met family at Cici’s and had a nice time visiting. Also ericka got to meet a cousin that will be in classes with her in school. They seemed to enjoy each others company and we are already making plans to have her over for a sleepover!

Monday the 15th I was back at work when I realized I spaced out last week and forgot to go to the first of the dog obedience classes I signed up for. This is a ploy to see if ericka would be interested in doing classes and maybe dog showing one day 😉 heeheehee so sad we missed the first one 😦

We had been invited to a pool party and it was so much fun! The kids swam and swam and Ben and Luciano passed the swim test to be able to jump off the doing board! My big boys!

And finally that brings us to today!!! The day we received 2 out of 3 certificates of citizenship in the mail!!!! They received citizenship upon entry to the United States when we flew home but now we have the identification document to prove it! And I’m not worried at all about the 3rd. I’m sure it will be here any day! Oh and it doesn’t list the double last name! Whew! So exciting!

Them for supper we got to go visit with Micah’s older brother and wife and their kids over at Granny’s house. We all had a good time! The only downside being is apparently red gateraid is a no-no for Luciano…. At bedtime he started complaining of his stomach hurting. I gave him a Tylenol and gas drops but soon they did not stay down….. He handled himself bravely and made it to the toilet, so that’s all we can ask. He seems to feel better now and asked me to pray before he went back to bed! Sweetie-pie!

In other good news, our friends received their finalized adoption decree in Costa Rica! Please pray for them, as we are all too familiar with, these last few weeks in country are trying. It’s such a time of limbo for kids and parents.

Well those are the highlights. I’m sure I’ve missed some important happening or so with the long time between updates. Mostly we are just settling in and just doing “life” eating and sleeping and praying and swimming and church and family and friends. The Ticos are doing great and the gringos are too. All of our kids are settling in with this new crazy family and all seem happy. They continue to improve in their English (and Spanish. Haha) and have now met some kids that they will go to school with. I have no doubt this current calm is the work of God. We have long prayed that all our children’s hearts be prepared for the merging of this family and that is exactly what has happened. I have been praying lately for them to continue in their bonding with us and each other and I have seen the deepening already. Dios es bueno. If you care to join us in pray this is how you can pray for us. They will need it as we cruise through the last few weeks of summer and they start school!



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