Day 59

A good day!

My half day and last day to work this week! I’m loving parttime that is for sure! In addition to that I can make lunch plans! So I went to lunch with a friend and we had a nice “adult chat” without interruptions and 500 questions and translations! Que bueno! 🙂

Micah took the kittens to the vet this morning and they both checked out fine and have to go back in 3 weeks for the booster shot…

We cleaned the girl mouse cage today. It was angelly’s turn. There was a lot of crying. And later I went ahead and told her we were probably getting rid of them. There was more tears over that….. Oh and the baby mice count is backdown to 4….. I’m trying not to think about that much….

I had to go pick up the Ticos from the ESL camp today because the bus wasn’t running and they were excited to be picked up.

We came home and I put them to work on chores and cleaning. 2 1/2 hours later Anna finally had her stuff mostly cleaned up…. I could have done it in 5 and instead I had to check on her ad remind her and disapline her every five minutes. Tell me this will one day pay off?!?!?!?! The boys did good although wild and Angelly of course was done with her room in a flash but struggled through the cage cleaning. Ericka did hers but tried to get away with piling some stuff on her bed. She was like “how did you know?” Hahaha I’m like “I looked!” HAHAHAHA

Supper was our typical “daddy isn’t home” meal of rice and eggs and sliced hot dogs and everyone was in charge of helping clean up after.

We went to church. Ericka begged and begged to go. Then the whole time we were there she was telling me she was “sooooooo sick” and needed to go home and not go to ESL school tomorrow. I’m sticking to it and not letting her skip. She broke down after I didn’t go for the too sick excuse and said “it’s because I don’t have anything to wear”. Now she has plenty of clothes but most are not considered suitable by her to wear in front of “companions” or friends, only at home. But I found a pair of my jeans she liked and a shirt as well. We are gonna hit up Goodwill again on Monday and hopefully score some more jeans!

And on that note I’m going to bed and gonna enjoy my long weekend (5 days off woohoo) maybe i’ll even get to go ride!



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