2 months home

Wow we’ve officially been home 2 months. Doesn’t seem like it!

Thursday was a good day. One of my days off work. The Ticos were at the ESL camp and the gringos were with me. I took them to the bus then got to go to the barn and ride my horse. Who was WOW all tacked up and ready to go! Anna even rode around with me for awhile! I left Ben sleeping in the house (daddy was home but getting ready for bed) and I left him a note to tell him to come to the barn when he got up…. And he did! What a big boy! I can’t believe he is so grown! Then we went home and did chores and what not (them doing theirs and me doing all kinds of catch up from working, this is what parttime is all about after all!) then after the Ticos got home from school we got supper ready and then ericka and I got ready to go to dog class. She really seemed to enjoy it and even worked with the dog some! After dog class we remembered we had promised to make arroz con pollo for the school on Friday so we stopped at the store as bought all the stuff. Which means yes we came home and made it. Which yes means we got to bed about 11:30pm 😦

Friday was their last day of school. Also my sister and mom took me out to lunch for my birthday lunch. Cute little place called….. Yup I forgot…. Ugh my brain 😦 well anyway we came home and started to get things ready for supper. We were having some cousins over for supper and one to spend the night (her and ericka are in the same grade). Well I knew right off ericka was gonna struggle. She was sooooo tired and yup she didnt want to do anything at first but we had a good visit anyway and then later she rallied and they stayed up watching 2 movies while we went to bed. Our first little “tween” sleepover! Success for the most part!

The next morning I woke up feeling sick sick sick. Ericka wanted them to go ride and I really wanted to let her but couldn’t go help so eventually they ended up washing the dogs, playing on the computer making exercise and “who’s turn is it to watch a movie” lists on the computer, and then ericka treated her cousin to her first “planchar el pelo” or straight iron your hair and then I did erickas. We did have a major crying breakdown from Angelly. First she started off stiff and unresponsive but I cuddled her and sang silly songs and eventually she cuddled back and we were able to talk a little (just thins like me asking her if she liked me to sing like that when she’s upset and stuff. Just getting to know her more, but a big development milestone). Daddy took the littles down to the creek for some surprise play while I took ericka to her granny’s house. She’s been begging for a sleepover somewhere and we decided that it was the night for it and she was so excited. Then I came home to get ready for our double date with Micah’s brother and wife. We turned around and went back to town taking the littles to granny’s house as well. They all wanted a sleepover so they were told if they were asleep when we got home and wanted to then we would leave them. We had a great time on our date and the kids were asleep when we got there so Granny has a house full tonight!!!! Happy birthday grand kid sleepover!!!!

Cute randoms:

Angelly and Anna playing school where Angelly teaches the English letters to Anna. “Capital A, little a. A says ah ah ah as in apple” so cute.

Ben loving te creek so much he asked to get his bday present early and go to the creek for 5 days. So cute.

The kids all so excited to go on sleepover that they packed their own clothes and blankets and pillows into trash bags. So cute.

My hubby trying on shoes while his brother picks on him. So cute. Heehee

Ericka loving everything her Tia (aunt) has on for the second time. So cute.

Our nephew texting us updates on the littles whole we were out. So cute. Y que riza.

¿Que más? No se. Entonces. BUENAS NOCHES! (What else? I don’t know. Then. GOOD NIGHY)


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