Back to school shopping

Today was our first doctor appt and back to school shopping day! And it was ericka’s turn! We were warned we would need 1 shot but turned out we needed 3….. She was NOT happy!!! Oh and a finger prick…. She has complained ever since! HAHAHAHA 😉

Then we went school shopping. Then we went clothes shopping. She officially has enough clothes! Lol! I’m very happy how the day went!

But headache time and exhaustion lead me to buy fried chicken on the way home! And let them watch yet another movie! 😦 we gotta get back off the tv….

Ericka and I have made a deal to start eating healthier and exercising starting today and I was afraid she wouldn’t go because of the vaccines but she did! We took Jonny out for a walk and did a little running! And tomorrow she eats is to do the dance video! Afterward she was hungry but we had a sensible snack of a serving of Greek yogurt and half serving of almonds (measured both!)

Tonight we got to talk to our good friends in Costa Rica. Distance may separate but technology is great! Looking forward to seeing them again and thankful for the CR food supplies they sent home with the mission team last week!

The next 3 days are my work days and I didn’t quite get the house cleaned today 😦 but tomorrow is my half day so I may get it done yet! Then the other Ticos have their doctor visit Friday. And I think they will be getting the finger prick and 1 vaccine. It’s a booster from the one they got in Costa Rica before we left…. So yeah. Fun times. Haha

Well my benydryl is kicked in so it’s BUENAS NOCHES!!!!


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