July 24-26

Wednesday was a work day for me and Micah took Benjamin to the doctor for his well/back to school visit and then he went to the doctor for himself! He has been having some high blood pressure issues and finally went to doctor for it! Please pray for our health!

Church was nice, Angelly wanted to sit with us and of course she was perfect the whole time and at the end people were going up to pray and she said “come on! Vamos!” So Micah and Angelly and I went up there to pray together! A sweet moment to be sure!

Thursday I worked again and I love part time! Heeheehee! Then ericka and I went to dog class where she did great with Jonny! And Jonny is so smart! She picks up on the things so fast and is exactly the kind of dog I like! Exuberant and willing! Perfect! I really hope to get her into dog showing or horses. If that fails we will probably try dance. We have to get her involved in something! Hahaha

Friday had us running around to get some last minute things done for school before we go to the beach for a week. Doctor appts and supply shopping. I tried to get them enrolled officially but the school wasn’t open today 😦 I should have not procrastinated and waited so long to call them! Open enrollment for new students is next week but we will not be here…. We are also going to miss our open houses so we are hoping to have some awesome teachers that will meet with us for a few minutes before school starts. The Ticos rode the bus to the ESL day camp and all said that they were dizzy. I haven’t told them the bus ride to the school is going to be worse! Smaller back roads and longer. I hate that they have to ride the bus so long 😦 but its what we have to do….

Also. We don’t have enough dates on Luciano’s vaccine records and therefore to get the school form he would have to get 3 more vaccines…. Which to some is gonna sound like the end of the world and to some like no big deal and our feelings fall somewhere in the middle. We believe in vaccines. But we don’t want to give them extras. We have a form that says they’ve had them. But not the dates. We need dates. Time to go through my pile of paperwork (in Spanish) and try to find them…. And actually we know when he had them because he was getting his the same time as Angelly….

Speaking of having Angelly’s…. Things we were randomly blessed with. Birth books for ericka and Angelly! The home they were in had them and gave them to us. This have little info about their bio mom, her age when she had them and some info about their birth, including little footprints!!! Ericka’s is very clear and angelly’s has some fading and mold but wow! What a gift!

Luciano continues to be slightly more defiant but after writing lines and lines and lines on Thursday, he was much better by Friday. Anna has been in a wild phase and Angelly in a happy/funny phase. Ericka is listening without too much complaining and seems very happy. We are all excited to go to the beach in a few days for a week!!!

Well a long day of errands and now…. BUENAS NOCHES


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